Saturday, February 25, 2017

Low Cost Gift Focus: The Car Charger

The mobile office is an option that's increasingly taken up by companies around the world. Instead of travelling to work, technology allows work to come to you. For some types of business owner (especially those who don't need to see their clients face-to-face on a regular basis), an office is no longer essential. Just yesterday, I worked at McDonalds for a few hours, as I had been in the area and was waiting to meet up with someone else close by who had been delayed. In the upstairs section there were five business people all working on laptops and drinking coffee, a common combination for any professional. While McDonalds does not jump out as a top area of work, it has wifi, has recently introduces a cafĂ©, where you can get coffee in ceramic cups and saucers and some decent cakes, muffins and essential for someone with a laptop or tablet, several plug points. I do have to warn you that not all McDonalds have many plug point options. In fact not all coffee shops have plug points available, so for “the early bird catches the worm”, most definitely applies. For a professional working with a laptop or a tablet, power is crucial. While we do sell a range of wonderful power banks
, the really effective ones are not cheap. In recent years the market has been flooded with fake capacity power banks, which has led to legislation covering the manufacture and import of these devises. Laptop charging power banks are in high demand due to the power hungry nature of modern laptops and smartphone. So these types of devises are more suited for clients where you want to budget for a high end gift. But as this article is actually about low cost gifts, I now tell you about the humble, yet essential low cost technology gift for the mobile office professional. While working from a mobile office, you may you tend to use your devise’s battery up sooner than you would imagine. I use my tablet a lot. I use it to play the motivational songs that I have loaded onto to it, I use it to reply to emails while waiting at reception areas, I use it to take photos of products that I want my colleagues to see and the list goes on and on. However this type of usage does consume the battery very fast. This is when a car charger is a welcome life saver for a mobile professional.
A car charger fits into the car lighter of your vehicle. I doubt that whoever designer the car lighter many decades ago ever imagined this type of use, but we are indebted to them for the multipurpose design of a vehicle. There are some car chargers that are quite flimsy and that means that when you have inserted them, they have the annoying habit of popping out while you are driving, interrupting the power source and leaving you with a flat devise when you arrive at your destination. The ones that I like have a more solid type of body and when inserted in the lighter plug, remain in place. This means that I can concentrate on driving with the comfort of knowing that I will have a charged devise upon my arrival. The car charger is not the lowest cost promotional gift, but the practicality and value are outstanding. It has a good life expectancy and given to the correct client, will have an excellent cost per impression rate as it will become an essential gadget for the mobile professional. If you take few units, your unit cost will go up and if you take more units, your unit cost will go down. I would strongly advice that when handing this gift out, to share a story of how it has been helpful to you and to encourage the recipient to get into their vehicle as soon as possible. Perhaps you could do a covering letter or a card stating how you like to find solutions for your client and this is one way to make their life easier. Some ways to use the Car Charger for promotions. Sales rep visits Trade shows Insurance companies New product launches Consulting companies Automotive companies Virtual office companies Cell phone companies So when you are looking for ways to maximise your marketing budget, give a practical promotional item that will position you as a problem solver in times that it really counts. For more information on other low cost promotional items contact us on or 082 948 7461 or visit us on