Friday, January 20, 2012

Planning, Stress and Productivity - How to get the best outof your gifting supplier?

Planning is not just about your core business, but also other aspects that affect operations. It is statistically well known that when the human brain is under stress that intelligence levels drop. That is why often after an argument people often think of the things that they “should have” said when they had the chance. So how does this translate into planning for your corporate gifts? Well, if you leave your gifts until the last minute then you add a whole bunch of pressure to the gifting company and the staff who are working on your job. You may love the idea that your corporate gifting company has responded well to pressurised deadlines. But the more often you fall back on this strategy the higher the chance is that the supplier will crack under the pressure. We often get clients who say that they have moved to our corporate gifting service because the previous supplier let them down. But all relationships are two sided, so when planning gifting ask yourself 1. Is your corporate gifting deadline is realistic. 2. Is your corporate gifting budget realistic? 3. If there is a delay between getting the quotation and ordering, check on stock availability. People order everyday and your gifting company will not reserve stock for you until it has been paid for? 4. Have you communicated your brief clearly? We once received a brief where the client wanted a print that was larger than the actual gift. 5. Are you supplying your corporate gifting company with the tools to assist them in helping you? 6. Are you coordinating with your other departments involved, like finance or Human Resources, so that they know the requirements and deadline of the job? Planning properly can go a long way in making sure you get the best service from your corporate gifting company and will greatly minimise your stress as well. If you are looking for corporate gifts, visit our website or e-mail us on