Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Choose a Conference Pen

When choosing a conference pen there are number of factors to consider. The Conference Delegates If the conference is one where the delegates pay to attend, you can probably use an inexpensive plastic or promotional pen as a conference pen. Your budget would be low and you would probably choose a one colour print on your conference pen as the pen is a convenience gift. However if the delegates are your guests and are at a management levels, you may want to choose a pen that gives a more lasting impression. There are a good number of metal conference pens that are still in a comfortable budget that will easily used by executives but are not top of the range conference pens. If your delegates are dignitaries, CEOs are other high level managers, then you can add parker pens and waterman pens and options for conference pens. There will then double up as conference gifts in addition to being a great conference pens. Budget Venues, snacks, conference material, speakers etc all up for the overall cost of the conference. So where your costs are spiraling, then your may want to choose low cost conference pens. However, if you are choosing quality over quantity then you can give our fewer items in your conference pack and choose better quality pens as your conference pens. Purpose of the Conference If your conference has a quality theme, then you need to tie in everything that you do to fit in with the image that you are trying to portray so choosing a quality brand for conference pens will add the prestige of your brand and your conference. If you are looking for conference gifts visit us on or look at our conference pen catalogue or e-mail us on or call us on: 082 948 7461

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Choosing Promotional Pens

Pens are such a personal item. It is a corporate gift that relates to the sense of touch. A promotional pen is one of the few corporate gifts that are in direct and regular contact with your skin. You get to regularly feel the weight of the promotional pen and feel the texture of the promotional pen. Weight of a promotional pen is usually associated with quality and stability. Therefore if you want present a heavier quality metal pen it gives a good impression of your company. When it comes to metal pens your have a number of options. You can choose high end pens such as Waterman Pens, Polo Pens, Cross Pens and Parker Pen. However expect to pay a premium price for these brand name pens. However there are also a range of metal pens that are from the promotional pens range that also have a good pen weight and are quality pens, however they do not have the premium pen price associated with them. To decide how much you want to spend on promotional pens, you will need to decide on what level of client you are you are working with as well as what are the promotional pens for. So if it is a general market campaign or general pen hand outs then you can choose metal pens that come from the promotional pen range. However if this is a top level client and you have a long term relationship with this client then one of the prestige pen brands such as Waterman pens, Parker pens etc are a more appropriate pen choice. A lot of clients would be very happy with a metal promotional pen as long as the pen has a good feel. There are three levels of pen selling. Low end pens, mid-level pens and high end pens. Belle Regalo also sells brand names such as Parker Pens, Waterman Pens and Polo Pens. All these pens are aimed at specific client’s needs.082 948 7461 Generally for metal promotional pens you would use laser engraving or yag engraving for put your logo on the pen. Should you need any additional information on promotional pens for your company, then contact us on or visit our website or call us on: