Friday, October 26, 2012

To Gift Wrap or Not to Gift Wrap.

To Gift Wrap or Not to Gift Wrap. Many years ago I worked as a marketing manager for a company. We had numerous functions, but also had a year end function for staff and family. During this year end function we handed out Christmas Gifts for the children. Instead of Corporate Gifts, we did toys. Naturally these gifts had to be gift wrapped. As the end of the year function was a marketing and public relations divisions, we had to see to the gift wrapping of our end of the year gifts ourselves. We had given the parents a list of toys to choose from and each parent wrote the name of their child and the type of gifts on a list and we gift wrapped these end of the year gifts and put a name tag on each gift. Although it was fun to play Santa’s elves for a while, we have a series of complications. The first was space. We had to do the entire job in our office and no gifts were allowed to spill over into the neighboring work stations. All the gifts were different shapes and sizes and so the office was taken over by year end gifts. The easiest access to our office was to drive our vehicle around the factory and climb in and out through our window. Then came the monumental task of wrapping all those gifts and putting the name of each child on their gift. For a full two days, my assistant wrapped and wrapped and wrapped year end gifts. Yes, the final result to see all the happy faces of the children was wonderful, but I do wonder what the real cost was for two salaried employees wrapping all those gifts. There are many companies that offer gift wrapping services. All you need to do is buy the gift wrap and the ribbon and hand it over to a gift wrapping company and you can get on with your core business and have a fantastic year end function. If you are wanting to buy year end gifts and to gift wrap them, please contact Belle Regalo on or 082 948 7461 or visit us on

Friday, October 19, 2012

Why Purchase Corporate Gifts?

Let’s face it, the economy has hit some hard times. So you may be asking why you should budget for corporate gifts. Is it not just another expense that perhaps you can not justify budgeting for it. However think again. Corporate gifts are about relationships. Relationships are with human beings. Let’s think of other human beings like YOU. If you get a present from someone for your birthday or for Christmas, do you feel valued? Of course you do because someone took the time to think of you and took the time to choose a gift for you. Maybe they even took the time to gift wrap it for you and to write your name on the card. Corporate gifts are much the same. The only difference is that this is a business relationship. So is a business relationship an important one? You bet it is. That is why we give out corporate gifts, to thank our customers for helping to build the business. Now of course in life there are people that we are good friends with and there are people who are acquaintances. We prioritize giving gifts to people are special friends and family members who are close. So too it is with customers. There are customers who have made a difference to your business and those clients are definitely deserving of corporate gifts. Then there are the once off customers who accumulatively make a difference to your business but are not with you for the long haul. Naturally your spend on corporate gifts will be affected by the value of your clients. So change the value of your corporate gifts to match what you see as the perceived life long value of your client. So is it not time you rethink your approach to corporate gifts. For more ideas on corporate gifts visit us on or e-mail us on

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Corporate Clothing

Corporate clothing is still an excellent corporate gift. Corporate clothing is great way to create a positive impression of your company. Supplying your staff with corporate clothing ensures that they are neatly dressed and easily identifiable by customers. When choosing branding for your corporate clothing, promotional clothing can have big silkscreened logos, but generally corporate clothing for staff will have embroidered logos which look smarter. Generally customers buy corporate clothing for their staff once a year. This is because depending on the number of shirts that you give to your staff for corporate clothing the high frequency of wear and sometimes rough washing can make some of the garments wear faster than others. So rather that checking up on each staff member, getting new shirts each year will ensure that the average appearance of the corporate clothing of staff members remains good. If the dress code of your staff is casual then a golf shirt is a good however if your dress code is smart then you would be wize to purchase lounge shirts and blouses. These days many corporate clothing options come in matching ladies and gents styles making your corporate clothing choices a lot more varied.

Isosteel as a Corporate Gift Stands the Test of Time.

What does corporate gifting have to do
with having a baby you may ask. But I have found that at this juncture of my life I have realized the lasting impact that choosing the correct stainless steel flasks can have. Over eleven years ago I bought an Isosteel vacuum pot because I liked the design. Once we moved I put a lot of things in storage and recently opened up the storage and found it. I had a baby on 23 May and when expressing at night we would put a stainless steel flask on the best side table to heat up the milk overnight for the baby. As a corporate gift supplier I have a large number of various stainless steel flasks lying around the house. I found that if I filled up one of the low costs stainless steel flasks early in the leaving, by midnight the water was completely cold. Not even luke warm but cold. This was quite frustrating as we would have to get up, boil the kettle and heat up milk in a bowl for the baby. Having a crying baby at midnight is not a bag of laughs. Once we found the vacuum pot, we tried that out and the Isosteel brand proved its worth one again. Our water remained hot so heating up the milk was merely turning over, opening the Isosteel vacuum pot and pouring into the bowl and in 5 minutes we would have warm milk for the baby. How amazing is it that eleven years later the Isosteel brand is still performing. As a corporate gift Isosteel is amazing and the fact that this corporate gift performs so well over the years it is a great brand to align your brand with. The Isosteel range of products make wonderful corporate gifts.