Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Corporate Gifts and The Five Love Languages

One of my favorite personal development books is the Five Love Languages. In this book we learn that there are basic five ways that can perceive that they are loved or show love. These are: Acts of service, quality time, gifts, touch and words of affirmation. It is said that you need to find out what the love language is of the person with whom you have a relationship is. The relationship can be professional, platonic, paternal etc. People all perceive their interactions with people based on their own outlook in life. So for example, if the person’s primary love language is words of affirmation, which means that they have to receive a lot of positive feedback. If you are a person who noticed imperfections a lot, then you would really need to be self disciplined when dealing with people who need a lot of positive affirmation, as they easily become demotivated without positive input. While touch is inappropriate in a professional and corporate setting, touch can be used to display caring for friendships, your children and spouses. Yet, you can use touch in a clever manner in your corporate gift selection. For example if you are giving one our hampers with a spa voucher, the recipient can get a massage, which allows you to in a corporate touch in a safe method through a corporate gift and without you doing the touching. Of course the love language that we work with the most is gifts. Gifts remain a safe way of showing appreciate for people, whether they are customers, friends, parents or children. In the corporate setting corporate gifts can be used in a variety of ways. At the beginning of the year you can use corporate gifts to set the tone for the start of the year. Most people are not overly enthusiastic about having to go back to work at the beginning of the year, so they would welcome a corporate gift to start the year off on a positive note. During the year there are several occasions for using corporate gifts. Valentines Day gifts make terrific corporate gifts, as fall in line with love language gifts. During the year you can use client’s birthdays as opportunities to give out corporate gifts. Spreading corporate gift spend throughout the year makes sense as then your gifts stand out from the standard end of the year corporate gifts. Should you want to find out more about corporate gifts, visit us on or e-mail us on

Monday, July 29, 2013

Hampers as Corporate Gifts

I love a good hamper as a corporate gift. There are so many hampers to choose from for Woman’s Day. The wonderful thing about hampers as corporate gifts or woman’s day gifts is that there are a number of items in a hamper, so it is not a once off gift. A hamper as a corporate gift gives multifaceted enjoyment. We also enjoy the hampers with the ceramic gifts inside. These have the long term gift appeal, which the edible goodies in these hampers provide the short term enjoyable indulgence. We also enjoy the hampers with the vouchers as it is a wonderful way to treat people. We have featured these favourite hampers below on our hamper page. Visit us on or e-mail us on

Friday, July 19, 2013

Why Choose Corporate Clothing as Corporate Gifts

Corporate clothing used to be a “Nice to Have” item, but times
have changed so much that it is now an essential item. When times are tight, companies tend to move a lot of their spend to corporate clothing. There are a number of benefits of this. Corporate clothing is good value for money We often judge the corporate gift spend by how frequently the corporate gift is used. If the corporate gift is used infrequently then the cost per use of the corporate gift is high. If the corporate gift is used frequently then the cost per use is low. With corporate clothing the clothing items are used frequently and then the cost per spend is relatively low. Corporate clothing improves the company’s image We all know someone whose dress sense is not professional or appropriate for business attire. Corporate clothing bring a uniformity of style to the work place and if chosen correctly enhances your image. Corporate clothing is well received across the income brackets Not all staff member are able to afford good quality clothing for work. This may be because of low salaries, but it could also be because they have other financial priorities like educating their children, caring for a relative of that they have bought a new home. With the budget tightens, and then often the personal clothing budget diminishes. Buying corporate clothing can also assist these staff members to look and feel professional without using their personal budget for clothing. Corporate clothing can improve morale In winter many people are often grumpy. This is understandable as our instinct is to remain in bed on cold winter days with some hot chocolate. If people are honest then most people would rather not go to work on a cold day. Giving your staff warm winter jackets as a corporate clothing items, have more are reaching benefits than other corporate gifts at this time of the year. Large Variety of Corporate Clothing to Choose from Gone are the days that you could only choose a dri-mac or a golf shirt as a corporate clothing item. Corporate clothing has evolved to include a wide variety of corporate clothing ideas. You can choose form a number of Blouses, Caps, Dresses, Golf shirts, Jackets, Jerseys, Lounge shirts, Skirts, Sweaters, T-shirts. Within this range there are so many colours and styles to choose from that corporate clothing has become a versatile and well received corporate gift. Corporate Clothing can be fun Many companies have an annual family faun day or sports days and then corporate clothing can be fun. For family fun days there are wade variety of t-shirts, caps, tracksuits, sweaters and other corporate apparel to choose from. Cycle challenges also are a fun way to boost company morale and you can have custom cycling gear made. In fact the 94.7 cycle challenge is coming up and companies are already starting to submit entries Another fun way to use corporate clothing to boost morale is to attend soccer and rugby matches together. Belle Regalo offers a wide variety of supporter’s gear as part of our corporate clothing range. This includes the official SA rugby clothing range. For more ideas on corporate clothing and our range of corporate gift visit us on or e-mail us on

Monday, July 15, 2013

New Laptop Bags as Corporate Gifts

Good quality, protective laptop bags are an ideal corporate gift if budget is not an issue. A laptop is like a travelling business, so their value is not just the cost of the laptop, but all the intellectual property and energy that goes into your business. A sad reality is that many people neglect to do backups, so the damage or loss of a laptop is actually immeasurable for many. I recently came across a wonderful laptop bag range that is the ultimate in laptop protection. The New Samsonite PRO-TECT range offers optimum laptop protection thanks to the unique Thermo-formed cushion lining of the case. This innovative foam cushioning system provides ultimate shock absorption. Its unique wave shape also allows for laptop cooling in the bag. It is not just a corporate gift, but the ultimate in laptop bags in terms of protection. If budget is an issue there are a number of medium and low cost laptop bag options for your clients. For woman’s Day, my favourite laptop bag is the Ladies Stylish Laptop Handbag. It is a striking and well-designed bag that looks like a handbag and not a laptop bag. I personally feel that there is a great security element as it is not a bag that looks like it should have a laptop in it, which makes women less of a target when using this bag. it makes a great corporate gift for women.
• 19cm PU Carry Handles • Raised Detail • Metal Zipper & Accents • Branding Plaque • Media Tablet Compartment • Padded Laptop Compartment • Inner Division With Zip Pouch • Inner Zip Pocket • Cotton Lining For lower budgets there is also the Imitation Neoprene Laptop Case. It is a wonderful lightweight option and has a very favorable price.
• Holds 15.5" Laptop • Padded Handles • Adjustable/Removable Padded 4 cm x 122 cm Shoulder Strap • Reverse Main Compartment Zip • Front Zip Pocket So no matter what your budget is for laptop bags, Belle Regalo has a range of ideas for you. For more laptop bags or other corporate gifts. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Golf shirts are not just for golf days

Golf shirts are not just for golf days. They are one of those corporate clothing items that can be used for casual days as corporate clothing or even for promotional evens as corporate clothing. These days there are so many golf shirt options. From low cost Lacoste shirt golf shirts to the upmarket double mercesrised golf shirts. Today’s golf shit designs also incorporate many matching ladies and gents golf shirts. Golf shirts come in a wide variety of colours. Generally we would recommend embroidery on a golf shirt. On t-shirts companies mostly silkscreen as this is a low cost cost corporate clothing items. But as golf shirts are a more expensive corporate clothing item, you would embroider a golf shirt instead of silk-screening this corporate clothing item. For more golf shirt options contact us on or visit us on

Top Woman's Day Gifts

There is a lot of talk about woman’s Day gifts as corporate gifts at the time of the year. Woman’s day is historically about celebrating what women did in history for other women. More especially getting women the right to vote. This is something that many women in this generation take for granted. The original “fight” to have women have the right to vote, does not mean that women “want the wear the pants” or other such rather offensive terms. A woman who has the freedom to be able to make choices about her family and who governs the country is an essential part of life. Men and women are designed different for a purpose. They are mean to complement each other and not compete and country that is governed by a single gender perspective looses out on the benefit of the other gender’s unique perspective. On this day we celebrate this feminine uniqueness. Woman’s Day gifts do not have to necessarily be “girly” gifts, but they certainly must be the kind of corporate gifts that women can use. Some corporate gifts that make good woman’s day gifts. Auto Took Kit – This may note sound like a woman’s gift, but if you have every been stranded without jumper cables, you know that this is essential. Yes, a knight in shining armour can come rescue you, if that is what you need at the time. But it is good to be prepared then just ask the night to get his hands dirty and save you manicure for another emergency. Beach Bags – Yes, this is a great feminine corporate gift, highly recommended for a woman’s day gift. Car bag seat organizer – This is a wonderful woman’s corporate gift, especially if women have children. It just cleans up all that clutter that many moms have. Cosmetic Bags – This is an ultra feminine corporate gift. There are some pretty new designs of cosmetic bags available for woman’s day gifts. Diana Carmichael – I love the Diana Carmichael range as corporate gifts. They ooze luxury and are a great talking piece. Hampers – Hampers are still a great favorite gift. Handbag Hooks – handbag hooks are a terrific corporate gifts that makes sure that your handbag stays close to you and is less of a target. Lap top bags – These days you get wonderful ladies laptop bags. Many of them are now styled in a handbag styles, which makes them a great fashionable corporate gift. Mini Tote Bag - A cute and practical woman's Dya Gift Mirror – a mirror is a superb low cost corporate gift as a woman’s day gifts. Moleskines – These are wonderfully classical corporate gift. The luxurious feel of the Moleskine makes it an elegant woman’s day gift. Nail sets – This corporate gift is great for those inevitable little snags that you get on your finger nails. It is a great practical corporate gift. Notebooks – Notebooks now come in a range of feminine colours for woman’s day gifts. Photo frames – A photoframe is a great way for a woman to celebrate those special people in her life whom she loves. Sewing kits – This is a wonderful small item for a woman’s day gift and although it is a low cost corporate gift, the value is immeasurable especially if you have a ripped skirt just minutes before an important meeting.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Woman’s Day Gifts as Corporate Gifts

If you do not have a budget for regular corporate gifts, you can consider piggy backing onto a specific event, like woman’s day. The beauty of this corporate gifting strategy is that it has an association link. Then your budget is not just about marketing and corporate gifts, it becomes a celebration of women and that you value the uniqueness of women as clients. A woman's day gift is a way to show that you care. If you want to see more Woman's Day gifts visit our woman's Day gift page. or e-mail us on

Laptop Bags

For a long time laptop bags had limited designs. Laptop bags were unisex and it was pretty obvious to people that you had a laptop bag. Now there are a number of ladies laptop bags. The great thing about these laptop bags is that many of them have a look of a handbag. So not only is this a stylish bag, but it also limits your theft risk and people who are targeting laptops will not see you as an obvious target. Ladies Laptop bags are a great corporate gift for any function where women are guests. We have a number of ladies laptop bags. Ladies executive laptop bag, ladies executive laptop bags and ladies stylish laptop bag. We are also have a range of conference bags from basic document bags to executive messenger bags with media holes. For more idea visit us on or e-mail us on

Friday, July 5, 2013

What Banner Do I Use?

People are often confused as to what kind of banners to use for which purpose. This article explains some of the differences. Pull Up Banner, Retractor Banner, Roll Up Banner. In Door Banner: This banner is definitely for indoor use. Clients will often use the retracta or pull up banner outside their venue to let delegates know where the venue is or for information or product launches. Ideal for tournaments, golf events or showrooms. This may be consuming, but essentially they are the same thing. Some of the names have copy writes on them, which is why manufactures will sometimes use different names. Digitally or screen printed onto banner weave. It is supplied with or without side panels. It has a lightweight aluminium frame and a carry bag It is easy to assemble, in under 3 minutes by 1 person The rollup banner is also referred to as Roller banner or Pull up banner. A Frame Banner Outdoor banner: These are often put up outside the venue to indicate to guests where the venue. A-Frame banners provide many alternatives to traditional advertising ideas that include lightweight, easy to use highly visible designs. All A-frame banners come as a complete set that includes a carry bag. The unmatched branding opportunities available with the A-frame banner include brilliant, vivid digital printed graphics or advertising messages. A Banner Wall Indoor Banner: This is a wonderful large surface branding area that create a huge impact at a function. Bannerwalls are digitally printed onto banner weave (as a single panel). Versatile back wall exhibition stands that are lightweight and easily assembled in less than three minutes by one person. This banner is supplied as a single unit in a carry bag.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Honesty in the Corporate Gifting Industry

The fight for website ranking is high. Once a week I check the corporate gift ranking to see where we are situated. The Google search for corporate gifts reveals at least 115,000,000 results per day. It is mind boggling how quickly a good ranking can change and a lot of companies get good ranking for corporate gifts as they are paying for certain spots. But how do you know that your corporate gift company can deliver the goods. Over the 12 years that Belle Regalo has been in business, we have earned a reputation for meeting function deadlines. When a client has a clearly communicated function deadline for corporate gifts, then we pull out all the stops to meet that corporate gift deadline. We are honest with clients about what they can expect. For example one of our clients wanted Moleskines as corporate gifts for a function. There is only one importer in South Africa who has the licence for Moleskines. Which means that the entire country’s Moleskines has to comes through same importer. Having sold books for many years as corporate Gifts, Belle Regalo knows this very well. The Moleskines are imported from Italy. Once Moleskines arrive in the country, then they have to go through customs and the Moleskines enter into the country via the Durban harbour. Sometimes customs lets through items very quickly and some spot checks are done. However when as a country we are expecting possible crime when it comes to major events, then customs sometimes checks every single container. For example around the FIFA World Cup customs was expecting fake FIFA shirts and so started inspecting everything and that is how they uncovered the fake shirts. Back to our Moleskines as Corporate gifts. From day 1 we communicated to our client that the Moleskines were due at a certain time, but that ETA was dependant on customs. As luck would have it customs did a check and slowed everyone’s orders down. We let our client know that we could offer then unlined Moleskines in comparison to lined Moleskines. They were not happy with this and then found another supplier and asked us to send their refund for their corporate gifts to the other supplier. Now as we know that there is only one licence holder to import Moleskines, we also know that if we cannot get the Moleskine stock, neither can anyone else. Moleskine in Italy has very strict contracts about what can or cannot be allowed for the importing and distribution of Moleskines in South Africa. We communicated this to the client and asked the client to make 100% sure that the supplier had the physical stock at his premises to supplier. We also got additional enquiries from Moleskines for the exact same specs as our client and when we enquired the brie was being sent by our competitor. After investigation our client found out that our competitor in fact did not have the stock and was also waiting for customs to clear. We pride ourselves on being honest with our clients even though we know that some competitors get business through lying. For us the long term relationship is more valuable than fast money that comes with deceit. The end result was that the client realised that although they did not like the answer that we gave them, it was an honest answer and in this industry trust is an extremely valuable commodity. The client took the unlined Moleskines and we are privileged enough to receive future referrals to other clients from them.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Belle Offers a Wide Range of Corporate Clothing and Corporate Clothing

Belle Regalo offers a wide variety of corporate clothing items.
Our range includes: Blouses, caps, custom made cycling gear, First Ascent clothing, formal jackets, golf shirts, jackets, jerseys, lounge shirts, shorts, skirts, tracksuits, trousers We also offer a wide variety of Corporate Gifts Backpacks, business card holders, clocks, computer bags, conference bags, coolers, desktops, drawstring bags, flasks, hampers, key chains, moleskine notebooks mugs, multi-tools, notebooks, pens, travel bags, wine accessories, women’s gifts Belle Regalo offers a full branding service on items purchased from Belle Regalo. Our services include: Debossing, digital printing, embroidery, engraving, foiling, kiln fired mugs, pad printing, silk-screening. No branding will take place until you have signed off your artwork approval. This gives you an opportunity to check spelling, layout etc. until you are happy enough to proceed with the actual branding. For more information visit us on or e-mail us on