Thursday, October 31, 2013

Best Branding for Corporate Clothing

Corporate clothing is a wonderful promotional tool. But bad branding is like getting a tattoo on your face. You had better be sure before you take the plunge. Many companies use corporate clothing to help enhance their corporate image and also use corporate clothing as uniforms. Companies have large spends on corporate identity, but sometimes get unstuck when it comes to applying their branding to their corporate clothing. Here are some check points when branding your corporate clothing. 1. Know Your Company Logo A logo is made up of the design, but also the pantone colours. Some designs are made with print in mind, but cannot be easily embroidered. We have a client who entered into a joint venture and had lounge shirts done for the project. The designer added text to the bottom of the logo. When we converted the logo into an embroidery format we saw that the letters would have merged into each other making the letting illegible. So we had to recommend to the client that they alter their logo to allow for bigger lettering. When you have a logo designed asked the designer, what pantone colours match the logo. Pantone is an international numbering system for inks. When you know your pantone, you can ensure that you corporate clothing always has the correct colour. Embroidery threads do not match pantone colours, but using a pantone reference books embroiderer’s get the closes thread match for you. When you send through your logo, make sure that you have a high resolution good quality logo. The better the quality of the logo, the better the quality of the branding. 2. Know the difference between different kinds of branding Embroidery on corporate clothing Embroidery is when the logo is made of masses of tiny stitches. Almost like colouring in the logo with a needle and thread onto your corporate clothing. Embroidery adds a quality and expensive look to corporate clothing. Embroidery can be cost effective if your logo is small. But don’t scrimp on stich count. If your embroidery quote looks very low as why. Some embroiderers’ compete only on price and use few stitches, so that they will appear to be cheaper, but that is all that it is, cheap and cheap does not enhance a brand. There must be sufficient stitches to cover the area and not have bit of fabric peeking through your logo. You would use embroidery of jackets, lounge shirts, fleece, caps and jerseys. In the motoring industry embroidery is often used on pit shirts. Heat Transfer on corporate clothing Heat transfer printing is a method of printing fibres with disperses dyes. The dyes are designed and are then transferred from pre-printed paper onto a fabric by contact heat and then the dyes are absorbed by the fabric. Heat transfer is great for producing clear and very well defined images. It works almost like an iron on label, but on a much bigger scale. Heat transfers are commonly used when you need to put a photo onto a garment. It is generally more costly than silk screening. However if there is a lot of definition, then heat transfers can be cheaper than silk -screening. Silk-screening on corporate clothing Screen printing is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil to receive a desired image. The attached stencil forms open areas of mesh that transfer ink or other printable materials which can be pressed through the mesh as a sharp-edged image onto a substrate. A fill blade or squeegee is moved across the screen stencil, forcing or pumping ink into the mesh openings for transfer by capillary action during the squeegee stroke. Basically, it is the process of using a stencil to apply ink onto a substrate, whether it is t-shirts, posters, stickers, vinyl, wood, or other material. The vast majority of t-shirts are branded using silk screening. Although you can silk screen a number of corporate clothing items, it is not as durable as embroidery, so it is more likely to be used on low cost corporate clothing items such as conti-suits and t-shirts. 3. Know how costing works for branding on corporate clothing Whatever branding you are using for corporate clothing, there is always a set up cost. This is the cost to set up the machine to work on your job. A machine or silk screener can only work on one job at a time. For embroidery your logo has to be programmed into the machines. For silk-screening, the screens have to be placed onto the frames. The process where the machine operator or silk-screening sets up the work station is called the set up and you are charged for this. Some companies will build this cost into the cost of their garments, so it is not visible, but this cost always exists. As the set up cost is done at the start of each job, you can divide this cost by the total number of corporate clothing items that you are branding. For embroidery your costs are calculated by working out many stitches it takes to colour in your logo. This means that the bigger your logo on your corporate clothing, the more stitches will be used and the higher the cost of your logo on your corporate clothing. For silk screening the costs are calculated by how many colours you need to print. New screens are made for every colour. If you have a colour printer at your office, you may be tempted to think that your t-shirt or other corporate clothing will come out nice and quickly like it does on your printer. For silk-screening of corporate clothing, the silk screener will put up the first screen with the first colour and then print that colour. Then he or she will remove the screen, set up a new screen and then print the second colour. So the more colours you have the more times this has to be repeated. That is why you pay per colour of your t-shirt or other corporate clothing. 4. Getting Artwork Approvals A good quality high resolution logo will produce the best quality branding on your corporate clothing. You can think of it as the foundation of your branding on your corporate clothing. Once you have sent through your artwork, then the branding department will produce a layout approval. This will show where the logo will be positioned on the item and will also indicate what the pantone colours are. If you have not supplied your pantone colours, then the branding department will do an estimate of what the colour should be. The responsibility always lies with the client to make sure that the colour is correct. Once you have signed the approval, you are accepting it the way that it is and you cannot have it changed once the job is underway. The layout approval is like a branding contract that you enter into. Some clients prefer to have a pre-production sample. This is a matter of personal preference. Thousands of logos are embroidered or silk screened every day without a pre-production sample. But if this is your first time using a supplier or if you have a manger who micro manages, or if you have very strict corporate identity rules then you will get a lot of reassurance getting a pre-production sample. Many companies will charge you a separate set up fee for this service, as they have to set up the machines for only one item. Even a small company can get the benefits of having corporate clothing. Going through these simple branding tools can help you to get the best results for your corporate clothing branding budget. For more information about corporate clothing contact Belle Regalo on or 0829487461 or visit our site

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

How to Choose a Year End Gift

I am wondering when I will be able to buy sleep in a bottle as a corporate gift or year end gift. I think it would be best marketed as a year end gift, because year end is the time when people seem to be utterly exhausted. Most people are just trying to out together energy to get through another day and then are hit with year end parties, what to choose for year and gifts and how to plan for their own Christmas gifts and own Christmas parties. In this time so many people leave their decisions for year end gifts until the last minute. They know that year end gifts and corporate gifts are great relationship building tools. They know that they make great apology ideas and they know that they help to keep your company top of mind in difficult economic time. But they just lack the energy of thinking about what to give as a year end gift. So for now grab yourself a cup of coffee, preferably in a branded coffee mug are go through this checklist. We have gone through categories of gifts and given you a list of applications or these gifts to make it easier to choose a year end gift. Bags Sports Bags / Tog Bags: Men’s gifts, Women’s gifts, sporty people, good general year end gift, team building gift, 94.7 cycle
challenge gift Drawstring backpacks: Low Cost Gifts, Student gifts, men’s gifts, women’s gift, great promotional give away, World Aids Day Gift, cheap corporate gifts Shoulder Bags: Student gifts, back to school gift, sporting event gift, promotional give away gift Shopping Bags: give away gift, promotional gift, campaign gift, cheap corporate gifts Backpacks: sporting event gift, team building gift, back to school gift, conference gift Document Bags: Back to school gift, conference gift, product launch gift, low cost gift Conference Bags: Conference gift, back to school gift. Low cost gifts, high end gift Laptop Bags: Conference gift, men’s gift, woman's gift, year-end gift Laptop Sleeves: conference gift, men’s gift, woman’s gift Trolley Bags / Trolley Backpacks: Year end gifts, conference gift, men’s gift, woman’s gift Luggage Sets: Travel gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gift, year end gifts, general corporate gift Toiletry Bags: Travel gifts, year end gift, incentive travel gifts Corporate Clothing Caps: Back to school gifts, World Aids Day Gifts, Sporting gifts, team building gifts, Breast cancer awareness gifts, promotional gifts, giveaway gifts, low cost gifts, cheap corporate gifts Bucket Hats: Promotional give away gifts, back to school gifts, World Aids Day Gifts, low cost gift Bandanas: Promotional gift, cheap gift, low cost gift T-shirts: Back to school gifts, World Aids Day Gifts, Sporting gifts, team building gifts, Breast cancer awareness gifts, promotional gifts, giveaway gifts, low cost gifts, cheap corporate gifts Lounge Shirts: men’s gift, promotional clothing, corporate clothing, uniforms, men’s gift, and woman’s gifts Golf Shirts: Golf day gifts, promotional gifts, team building gifts Tracksuits: team building gift, sporting gifts Jackets: Year end gift, men’s gifts, woman’s gifts Drink Ware Gifts Water bottles: Give away gifts, World Aids Day Gifts, Team building gifts, cheap gifts, giveaway gifts, student’s gifts, 94.7 cycle challenge gifts Thermal Mugs: Give away gifts, World Aids Day Gifts, Team building gifts, cheap gifts, giveaway gifts, student’s gifts, Travel Gifts Thermal Flasks: Give away gifts, World Aids Day Gifts, Team building gifts, cheap gifts, giveaway gifts, student’s gifts, Travel Gifts Coffee Mugs: Desk based gifts, giveaway gifts, promotional gifts, woman’s gifts, men’s gifts. Folders A4 Folders: Conference gifts A4 Zip Around Folders: Conference gifts A5 Folders: Conference gifts A5 Zip around Folders: Conference Gifts Leather folders: Men’s gifts, Woman’s gifts, executive gift Homeware Gifts Salad dishes & Salad Servers: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts Cheese Boards & Cheese Sets: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts Carving Sets: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts Salt & Pepper: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts Ice Buckets: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts or low cost gifts and give away gifts Bar Accessories: low cost gifts and give away gifts Coffee Sets: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts Tea Sets: Year end gifts, woman’s gift, men’s gifts, executive gifts Key Holders Plastic Key rings: Cheap give way gifts, promotional gifts, motor show give away
Metal Key rings: give away gifts, motoring gifts, means gifts, ladies gifts Novelties and Giveaway Gifts Pen Holders: Desk Based gifts, give away gifts or executive gifts Paper Clip Holders: Desk based gifts Puzzles: Give away gifts, promotional gifts, back to school gifts, travel gifts Clocks: Year end gifts, desk based gifts. Promotional give away Calculators: Back to school gifts, Stress Balls: promotional give away, year end gifts, cheap gifts, low cost gifts, conference gifts, trade show gifts Lanyards: Conference gifts, trade show gifts, give away gifts, low cost gifts Sweet Jars: Desk based gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, year end gifts, promotional gifts, desk based gifts. Photo Frames: Desk based gifts, secretary’s day gifts, woman’s gifts Notepads: Back to school gifts, executive gifts: Conference gifts, Outdoor Gifts Cooler Bags: Year End Gifts, Outdoor gifts, Promotional gifts, give away gifts, back to school gifts, World Aids Day gifts Picnic Backpacks: year end gifts, outdoor gifts, men’s gifts, woman’s gifts, holiday gifts, student’s gifts, competition gifts Braai / BBQ Sets: men’s gifts, year end gifts, year end gifts, outdoor gifts, men’s gifts, woman’s gifts, holiday gifts, student’s gifts, competition gifts Wine Sets: year end gifts, outdoor gifts, men’s gifts, woman’s gifts, holiday gifts, and executive gifts Mini Fridges: year end gifts, outdoor gifts, men’s gifts, woman’s gifts, holiday gifts, student’s gifts, competition gifts, executive gift Golf Gifts for Golf Days: Men’s gifts, golf day gifts, year end gifts Personal Care Gifts Lip Ice / Lip Balm: Give way gifts, secretary’s day gifts, woman’s gift, back to school gift, student gift, travel gift, 94.7 cycle challenge gift, cheap gift, promotional gift Sun Block: Give way gifts, secretary’s day gifts, woman’s gift, back to school gift, student gift, travel gift, 94.7 cycle challenge gift, cheap gift, promotional gift Hand Sanitizers: Give way gifts, secretary’s day gifts, woman’s gift, back to school gift, student gift, travel gift, 94.7 cycle challenge gift, cheap gift, promotional gift Promotional Wet Wipes: Give way gifts, secretary’s day gifts, and woman’s gift, back to school gift, student gift, travel gift, 94.7 cycle challenge gift, cheap gift, and promotional gift Manicure Sets: Woman’s gift, give away gift, year end gift First Aid Kits: Promotional give away gift Pamper Gifts: Woman’s Gifts, Year end gifts, executive gifts Technology Gifts Memory Sticks: Conference gifts, corporate gift, promotional gifts, and give way gift Laser Pointer Pens: Conference gift, corporate gifts Optical Mouse: Conference gift, corporate gifts, desk based gift, executive gift Web Cams: Executive gift, year end gift, woman’s gift, men’s gift, team build gift, and speaker’s gifts Digital Photo Frames: Executive gift, year end gift, woman’s gift, men’s gift, team build gift, and speaker’s gifts Hubs: Conference gift, corporate gifts, desk based gift, executive gift Torches and Tools Pen Knives & Multi-tools: Men’s gifts, year end gifts, promotional gifts, executive gifts and low cost gifts Torches: Men’s gifts, year end gifts, promotional gifts, executive gifts and low cost gifts Adventure Sets: Men’s gifts, year end gifts, promotional gifts, executive gifts and low cost gifts Tool Kits: Men’s gifts, year end gifts, promotional gifts, executive gifts and low cost gifts Writing Instruments Metal Pens: Year end gifts, upmarket gifts, men’s gifts, woman’s gifts, conference gifts Plastic Pens: back to school gifts, World Aids Day gifts, desk based gifts, cheap gifts, promotional gifts, and give way gifts Pen & Pencil Sets: Year end gifts, general corporate gifts, conference gifts Stationery: Back to school gifts, desk based gifts, promotional gifts, and give away gifts. For help with choosing your corporate gifts or year end gifts, contact Belle Regalo on or visit

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Great Corporate Gift Give Aways

Are you looking for great give ways for 2014? Back to school items are a terrific way of marketing your brand. Some idea for university students are: • sticky notesfree rulerscoffee mugsflash drivespenswater bottlesConference bagsCell phone coversIPad CoversDairies Sticky notes make great corporate gifts or back to school gifts. These are practical and low cost corporate gift. When studying or researching students can use sticky notes to mark pages that are important. Free rulers are a low cost corporate gift that is a wonderful give away. Because they are used every day, the cost per impression is very low, making this corporate gift exceptional good value for money. Coffee mugs are by far the most popular give away corporate gifts. They are low cost corporate gifts with high value. A terrific back school gift for university students. In the digital age students are really into gadgets and technology. This makes a flash drive or USB a perfect corporate gift. Who can go wrong with a pen as a promotional give away or a corporate gift? Conference bags make excellent book bags for students. There are so many colour options to choose from these days, making your corporate gifting or conference gifting option much easier to work with. Keeping hydrated is a critical part of good brain functioning, so a water bottle is a healthy lifestyle gift for anyone, but particularly students who need to keep high levels of brain functioning. Cell phones are almost an extension of a student’s arm. Promotional cell phone covers make for an idea student give away or corporate gift. Many schools and universities are moving towards using ipads as an educational tool. This makes and IPad cover an idea corporate gift. All students need diaries, which make 2014 diaries a perfect student back to school gift or corporate gift. For more information on these and other corporate gifts visit us on or e-mail us on

Thursday, October 24, 2013

: Arms Deal Inquiry forced to adjourn due to lack of power

If you struggling to find a corporate gift that has relevance. Looking at the Electricity Power struggles will give you a
clue. Wednesday 23 October 2013: Arms Deal Inquiry forced to adjourn due to lack of power for 2nd day in a row....After waiting until Lunch time for electricity Judge Willie Seriti was forced on Wednesday to adjourn the public hearing for the second day in a row. The commission has been delayed for at least 48 Hours due to lack of power that hit several blocks in Johannesburg city centre, forcing businesses to close and creating traffic jams. Wednesday 16 October 2013: No electricity for Capetonians CAPE TOWN - Users of the pre-paid electricity system in Cape Town should expect a temporary shutdown of the city's vending system on Saturday, the city said on Wednesday. Sunday 8 September 2013 JOHANNESBURG - The SA Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) is conducting its own investigation into the strike by a few hundred City Power workers earlier this week, the organisation said on Sunday. The little bud is a fantastic corporate gift. Your Ultra-compact, Light, sound and power-storage companion. Rechargeable, portable, independent, multi-purpose, incredibly versatile electronic device Can be charged from AC mains, 12V DC or Solar panel (AC charging cable included) Emergency Lantern - 30 SMD ultra-high output LED’s switch on automatically in event of power outage High-power 1W LED spotlight FM radio MP3 Player (with Micro SD and USB Input sockets) USB output 5V (uses cell-phone USB cable to charge your mobile, MP3 or GPS) Adding optional solar panel allows operation in areas with no electricity supply Available in: black,white and green. For this and other corporate gifts, contact Belle Regalo on or visit us on

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Corporate Gifts for the Whole Year

It amazes me how many creative ways there are for giving corporate gifts.
We tend to think that year end gifts are the only strategy for corporate gifts. However during the year we see a number of opportunities. Some clients do not send out year end gifts, they send out gifts at the beginning of the year, when everyone if thinking about planning the year. You could use desk based gifts like, coffee mugs, desk based coffee machines, desk fans, desk planners, pens, note pad and stationary sets. February usually bring conferences. Consider sponsoring your client’s conference. This produces brand loyalty and also gives your brand visibility that you may not have had before. Great conference gifts include, banners, branded notepads, branded water, business card holders, conference bags, folders, mints, pens. Valentine’s Day is a way to spread good feelings around both your clients and staff by the giving of small corporate and promotional gifts. You don’t have to just stick to just chocolates, which logistically are difficult to hand out as they melt. You can use any red items like, caps, pens, picnic blankets, stress balls, T-shirts, water bottles. Arbour day is a great month to link in with growth. Sending your clients Arbour day gifts, show that you value relationships. That you value growth and you want to grow with them. Corporate gifts that work well with arbour day are bonsai trees, gardening sets, knee boards, picnic sets (because we picnic in gardens) and of course plants. In September there are so many opportunities for spring day corporate gifts, braai day promotional gifts, secretary’s day corporate gifts. In October we create awareness for breast cancer and then it is time to think pink. You can give out corporate gifts like pink T-shirts, pink pens, pink draw string bags, pink notepads, pink IPad covers, and pink water bottles. In December we kick off with World Aids Day. Aids is a life style spread disease and so awareness in this area is critical. A world Aids Day strategy is a terrific way to show both clients and staff that you care. Then you can end off the year with your traditional corporate gifting strategy. Great gifts for December include anything that can be enjoyed on holiday such as, braai sets, cooler boxes, garden chairs, hampers, picnic blankets braai lights, picnic sets, water bottles, wine sets . For more ideas on corporate gifts and year end gifts contact us on or visit us at

Monday, October 21, 2013

Sports Bags Get You Noticed.

Round about people start worrying that they have not gotten the perfect beach body for their December Holidays. So they are going to think about starting to jog or going to the gym. And remember that when 01 January comes around and bring with them New Year’s resolutions then your clients will moving en mass to the gym as part of their new year’s resolution frenzy. At the beginning for the year when on the treadmill many people are going to start the thought process of how they will run their business decisions in the New Year. So this is the perfect time for your corporate gifting sports bags to be visible with highly energised and focused people. There are such a large number of sporting bags to choose from. One of the bags that I love is the double decker sports bag. It a
firm favourite corporate gift for golfers, as the separate bottom zip up compartment keeps the messy grass and dirt covered shoes away from the rest of your clothing. If you are a swimmer, then you can keep your wet towel away from the rest of your items as well. Sports bags are a highly visible corporate gift as they are carried. They do not fit into pockets and purses like many of the novelty corporate gifts. They are not tucked way into draws or at offices like desk based corporate gifts. For more ideas on corporate gifts or sports bags, contact Belle Regalo on or visit us on

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How Corporate Wear Sets your Apart from The Rest

Corporate wear doesn’t necessarily need to be stuffy and uncomfortable to wear. Investing in corporate wear for your company can encourage a feeling of unity and team-spirit among your employees, and form part of your corporate identity. Not only is it a great tool for additional advertisement, but for companies who work directly with the public, such as restaurants and grocery stores in South Africa, it serves to distinguish one organisation from another. Just yesterday, I was at the reception area of one of my suppliers querying a product’s features. Up to that point I had been
for a few weeks been pondering which service provider to use for a specific marketing project that our firm needs. I saw two men coming out one of the offices. I saw on the sleeve of the lounge shirt of one of them men that they were from one of the companies that we are considering using. I there and then was able to ask them to answer a question that was a key factor in me choosing a supplier. They answered the question and I then had had some critical decision making information. Corporate clothing gives a sense of exclusivity. In a professional and well-established company, corporate wear will signify the professionalism of the company and serve to increase its credibility among its customers. Investing in your own corporate clothing is a step in the right direction. There are many benefits to making this smart investment. For one, your employees will appear far more professional from the off. It is an incredibly important characteristic and its benefits and importance shouldn’t be disregarded. Once your company made the investment in this type of clothing its credibility with consumers will also rise, while also engendering more trust in your company. However, you don’t only need to invest in corporate wear in the form of uniforms. There are many instances where you can find a great fit for corporate wear for every day at the office. As mentioned, it can promote cohesiveness among your employees while also providing a standard dress code that should be adhered to in order to remove any ambiguity in the office surrounding acceptable and unacceptable work attire. Some options for corporate clothing include: Active wear Caps Corporate Wear Fleece Golf Shirts Jackets Jerseys Sweaters Tracksuits Trousers T-shirts For more ideas for corporate clothing concat us n or visit us on or call us on 082 948 7461.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Corpprate Gifts for Busy Women

Admittedly this has been a harder year for me than most. In my current space I have an eleven year old ballerina princess daughter who has an extramural activity list that makes my head spin and a very busy 15 month old princess who is learning to explore the world. Every few weeks my beloved step son comes to visit after a challenging week at his bursary programme. As I am writing this after hours, I know that at least twice, my 15 month old daughter will cry for me, a she is in that clingy phase. Professionally we have had far shorter lead times than ever before and many challenges and changes in the industry. So when my mind is trying to find that calm and sane place, I find myself fantasising about a hot bubble bath, in silence with soft candle light. A calm and relaxed place where no one is calling me or demanding anything and where there are no deadlines. A place where I am not considering budget, or how much school fees are going up by next year. This is where pampering gifts make a wonderful introduction into a corporate gifting strategy. Yes, I know that I have to be well groomed and presentable for the corporate world, to look wonderful for my husband, to set an example for my children and to feel good about myself. It is just that finding the time to do all these great things is a challenge. And when I look at the average woman that I meet in the corporate world, I see evidence that I am not alone. But when I have been given a gift, I use it. One of my favourites is the Empress Pamper Set
I love this because of the vanilla undertones. It is a wonderful all-rounder pamper gift. As I mostly shower, I like the fact that this pamper corporate gift a shower gel in it. fragrance: warm vanilla & lime blossom 1 x 100ml shower gel 1 x 100ml body lotion 1 x 50g bath crystals 1 x 30g bath fizzer 1 x face towel presentation box: 29.4 ( l ) x 14.4 ( w ) x 5.3 ( h ) Another pamper set with shower gel is the La Donna Pamper Set
I love the striking design of this hamper. This pamper corporate gift is for that kind of women, who likes striking and bold designs. fragrance: syriacus 1 x 100ml shower gel 1 x 70ml body lotion 1 x 85ml body scrub 1 x 32g bath fizzer 1 x face towel presentation box: 21 (l) x 20.8 (w) x 5 (h) This gift reminds me that I really want to feel soft. If you spend ages in the shower and you have the time to exfoliate your
body every day, then that is wonderful for you. But as for me, I have to get in and out as quickly as possible, so this gifts with the sisal pad, reminds me to take care of those parts of me that are crying for attention. Plus the colour of this pamper corporate gift is perfect for breast cancer awareness month. fragrance: pink peony with citrus 1 x 300ml shower gel 1 x 220ml body lotion 1 x 100g bath salts 1 x sisal pad presentation box: 26 ( l ) x 26 ( w ) x 6 ( h ) Okay, yes, I have not lost my mind, this is not a pamper corporate gift. But is a practical and stylish large bag, which a busy woman cannot be without. I love the fact that it has a removable pouch. As busy women have less time to scratch around in their handbag for important things are only small in size. Microfiber
40 (w) x 12 (d) x 33 (h) polished chrome handles removable pouch front zippered pocket For more information about corporate gifts contact us on or visit us on or call us on: 082 948 7461

Monday, October 14, 2013

What Are People Spending on in Terms of Corporate Gifts?

Sometimes you may feel that your corporate gifting strategy is just based on a feeling that you get when looking through a catalogue, but there is a lot of data that can help you make more informed decisions. In this article we have presented some of the statistics available for promotional gift spending based on the US figures. We also look at how this related to our market and what gifting options are popular within these categories. Based on US studies corporate clothing remains a firm favourite for promotional spend, with t-shirts representing 13.8% of total spend. T-shirts represent $ 2.7 billion of the $ 19.4 billion distributor revenues for 2012, the year in which the study was completed. Other clothing items represented in the study were polo shirts, which
we refer to as Golf shirts or Lacoste shirts, coming in at 6.7% of the annual spend. Other shirts come in at 2.1% and other wearables at 4.8%. Making the total clothing spend at 39.6%. If you add the cap spend at 5.6%, then you get to 45.20% of the total corporate gift and promotional gift spend. Corporate clothing can bring profit for your company in terms of quality, standards and reputation. Just spending a little money for your corporate clothing can pay you back in terms of much costumer and better reputation for your company. Corporate clothing can be used for promotional give away. But you can also kit your staff and clients our with leisurewear such as sweatshirts, tracksuits, customised cycling gear etc. When they are wearing it at gym or a sporting event that brings exposure to your brand. At Belle Regalo our figures confer with this our clothing sales being on a year to day basis 50.36% of our total sales. This year was a big t-shirt selling year for us, with corporate shirts or lounge shirts and golf shirts being other good sellers. Other big areas are bags at 8.7%. However it is interesting to note that in the US from 2009 to the close of 2012, bags had
decreased by 21%. The study does show which bags have caused the decline, as there are so many types of bags to choose from: Drawstring bags, shoppers, totes, shoulder bags, backpacks, conference bags, laptop bags, sports bags, double decker bags, trolley bags and eco-friendly bags Top sellers would definably include drawstring bags, document bags, lunch bags or coolers. These are low to medium cost bags that can suit most budgets and are very well received. Writing instrument sales in the US were 8.1% of total spend on promotional items. There was an 8.1% increase in the market from 2010 to 2012. Pens do remain a firm favourite as a promotional item. There are a number of good quality low cost pens to include in your corporate gifting budget. They are an excellent conference gift or hotel gift. Drink ware came in at 6% of the total promotional gift spend in the US. One of the great drinkware items is the ceramic coffee mug.
Coffee mugs have endless possibilities for use. The most natural is for the use of tea, coffee. Hot chocolate, warm milk. But we have found that some of our clients use our coffee mugs as pencil cups. I have to admit that was a surprise. A coffee mug is a safe choice for corporate gifts. Pens and pencils are often lost or even thrown away and bags are used for s specific purpose. But a coffee mug is used time and time again. Coffee mugs are placed in the top five items as a preferred corporate gift. At Belle Regalo we prefer to Kiln fire our coffee mugs. The mugs are decorated by hand using water sliding decals and then baked in a linear kiln at 780 Degrees Celsius. The heat allows the decal to bond to the glazing of the mug. When it is cooled, it is permanent and dishwasher safe. Although USBs drives made up 3% of total promotional gift spend, as a group USBs and other electronic and technical products represent 10% of the overall market. Great technical gifts include, cable management, car chargers, earphones, IPad Covers, laser pointers, stylus pens, USB hubs, USBs and webcams to name but a few. What we found very interesting was that incentive awards are rebounding with the economy. This category has grown by 105% since 2009. This means that there is an optimism that is showing in where people are spending. This study gives some perspective on where people are buying. It can give you hints on what are popular choices for your corporate gifting strategy. For more idea on corporate gifts visit us on or e-mail us on

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coffee Theme Corporate Gifts

There is something about coffee. How would I describe it? It is that stimulating feeling that lends itself to creativity and it can be enjoyed in solitary or in the company of friends. The lack of coffee produces sometimes absurd reactions in people. Years ago at a company that I worked at, our financial director commented that we spent too much on our hired coffee machine. However when this was presented to the sales consultants they insisted that they would rather take a pay cut than be without their beloved coffee machine. The history of coffee is quite interpreting. The Kaldi legend says that Kaldi from Ethiopia discovered coffee after noticing that his goats, upon eating berries from a certain tree, became so spirited that they did not want to sleep at night. Kaldi dutifully reported his findings to the abbot of the local monastery who made a drink with the berries and discovered that it kept him alert for the long hours of evening prayer. Soon the abbot had shared his discovery with the other monks at the monastery, and ever so slowly knowledge of the energizing effects of the berries began to spread. As word moved east and coffee reached the Arabian Peninsula, it began a journey which would spread its reputation across the globe. I love the first avenue coffee set as a corporate gift. It is a sleek and
stylish cup and saucer that allows you to add a biscuit or other snack to the plate. Usually a biscuit is balanced next to a plate, threatening to topple off if you do not eat it straight away. But this is a nice surface area for a small treat. I had a look of utter disbelief when I first saw the Barrister Coffee Maker as a
corporate gift option. I mean, it is absolutely tiny. But I was thinking of a percolator in a kitchen. This is an entirely different product. After really checking it out, I had to laugh. It is for those people who really like their coffee fresh and have limited space on their desk. It makes two small servings of coffee. Of course, my husband was the first to offer to claim it, as he is the biggest coffee drinker in the family and likes to start off the day with one very good cup of coffee, so it is actually perfect for him. There is a single cup model (Perk) and a two cup model (Barrister). As we are a great lover of picnics, the Out of Africa Sling Bag Coffee Set, is
just up our alley. It has a rugged exterior and come equipped with a 500ml Steel Flask and two x 200ml Steel Cups. We often go to the winter picnics at the botanical gardens and this make a great corporate gift to enjoy on a chilly day, but also if you want to go for a sunrise hike and watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. If enjoyment is what you are looking for then, a coffee hamper is a wonderful
combination of a gift and experience to give to clients. In the featured video we show how to make the perfect Cappuccino, but if you want something simpler then the Creamy Cowrie hamper is a wonderful corporate gift. It contains Milk and sugar porcelain cowrie set holding 2 sugar crystal sticks, 2 Nescafe cappuccino sachets and 5 Lindt Lindor chocolate balls, encased in an open box cellophane and satin ribbon. There are so many great coffee gifts to choose from, that you can have an entire corporate gifting strategy around the coffee theme. For more Coffee Corporate gifts visit us on or e-mail us on or call us on: 082 948 7461

Friday, October 11, 2013

You can Go Green and Still Have Great Corporate Gifting Strategy

The evolution of eco products seems to be slow, but there are far more gifting options than before.
One of the things that I really love is that we cannot use your corporate banners and recycle them into a range of conference bags and other items that help us reduce waste. This does take a bit of panning, but there are also now ex stock items such as bamboo gifts in the form of pens, home ware gifts and a number of other fun gifting options. You may wonder why you should go for “green” gifts.The customer gets it: Many consumers are gearing towards supporting companies that have greener business
practices. This is not just a fad doing the rounds now, but a trend that is gaining. If you would like to be seen as an eco-friendly company, heed the small details too and tap into this emerging consumer base. • Novelty doesn’t mean expensive: With the eco-friendly promotional gift option comes the opportunity for innovation. This means that you can think outside of the box and get great gift ideas like eco stationery sets and eco corporate wear without breaking the bank. Eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily translate to more expensive. • Sustainable and responsible: Not only will you solidify your commitment to greener business practices among your consumers, but you will also be contributing to a cleaner and safer environment. These are only a few of the reasons why it will pay to opt for eco-friendly gifts for your employees and consumers. Get it Right with Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas! One thing to remember is that when you opt for the eco gifts option, you don’t have to settle for the ordinary or boring. You can still let your imagination run free and come up with exciting and novel promotional gifting options. Here are a few gift ideas to get the message across:Bamboo Pen sets. Every year thousands of pens are sent out. While recycled pens are low cost, the bamboo pens options are more upmarket and are a lovely gifting option. • Bamboo notebooks. As green as you want to go, it is hard to have a truly paperless world. That is why the bamboo notebook option is a great combination of eco friendliness and practicality. • Gift baskets: If your budget allows you can compile gift baskets that contain many different small promotional gifts that together will have the desired impact on the recipients – making them feel appreciated. • Eco-friendly mouse and mouse pads: Who doesn’t use a computer mouse and mouse pad these days? Ever thought of branding this ubiquitous piece of hardware and using it as a promotional gift? • Solar powered radio: This novelty is a great idea if you want to drive home the eco-friendly aspect of your promotional gifts. Solar powered radios can easily be branded and it’s such a novelty that your company’s name will be displayed wherever the radio travels with its owners. • Recycled banners for conference bags. There are now some stock options, but you can also use your own large format banners to make up conference bags, folders and even pencil cases. • Organic corporate gifts. Herbs and plants also make superb corporate gifts and are a gift that has longevity. For More information contact us on or visit us on

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creating the Perfect Picnic

I love picnics. I love the feeling of getting close to nature, of being out in the fresh air, surrounded by greenery. Picnics can be a wonderfully intimate time for a couple if you choose to make it a special date or a fun time with friends or a quality time outing with family. The perfect picnic contains a number of integral elements to create a good atmosphere. Good company, beautiful locations, good weather, tantalising food, and good equipment. You will be the judge of who to invite for your picnic. But here are some tips for the location and equipment. For a good atmosphere the combinations of the elements are important, as a family we have a few favourite locations. Many cities will have some sort of bird sanctuary, many of these are free parks maintained by the municipality and are a welcome sanctuary for city weary folks, due to the silence expected when at a sanctuary they make perfect locations for couple picnics; however our children also enjoy them. At the entrance to our neighbourhood bird sanctuary there is an overhanging mulberry tree and we pick a few on our way in as part of our culinary treat for the day. We usually take two or three picnic blankets with us. We use one to spread the food out on and use one for my husband and I to lie on and one for the children to sit on. This is why picnic blankets make an excellent year end corporate gift. There are a number of different styles. For comfort choose a fleece blankets, but make sure that it is a proper picnic blanket with a waterproof lining. If you choose a plain fleece blanket, then the grass tends to stick on it, making it impossible to shake off and you have to pick bits of dry grass off. However we do sell a zip up fleece pillow/blanket which is a great pillow for your picnic if you feel like napping under a shade tree. It is also a great general blanket to put into your car, in case of emergencies. You may ask what sort of emergencies you can get that you need a blanket for. Well, if you are with children and your picnic carries on until close to sun down and the weather changes, you can cover them in the car on the way home with the blanket. This make the zip up blanket a very practical corporate gift. If you are with elderly family, you may want to take outdoor chairs with you on your picnic and get a table and gazebo for shade. Frail people have trouble bending down and getting up, so a chair is a far easier option for them. We regularly go to the botanical gardens, especially during their concerts and many families set up their tables and outdoors chairs on the fringes of the park where they can still hear the concert, but not obstruct the view of the other guests. A botanical garden is a great place to go for a short day hike. Choosing the perfect picnic item depends on where you are going. If you are planning to lounge around for the afternoon and ease away the tensions of the week, then a luxurious traditional wicker picnic basket creates a wonderful nostalgic atmosphere. As many of these baskets have a carry handle and if you lucky a strap, the person carrying all the gear may start to take strain if you have to walk a lot. So I would not recommend these for hiking days or if you are walking a lot, like at the zoo. Or a zoo picnic or a hiking day, opt for a picnic backpack. This leaves your arms available for climbing or carrying children or as a couple, simply to hold hands. If you are hiking, then a picnic backpack with a cooler bag component is wonderful as your hydrating drinks will still be cool when you really need refreshment. Picnic backpacks are a strong seller for year end corporate gifts. As a family that likes variety we have a few of them. That allows us the create theme outing, plus we are also prepared for larger groups. Speaking of drinks, a great nifty cooler bag that is now in our range has cup holders in it. After countless picnic on uneven grassy planes, we have lost our fair share of beverages, so whoever though of this great design of cooler bag, was a genius. It has space for two cups, so of you have a large group, get two of them. They are a very practical corporate gift for people who love the outdoors. A picnic is a way to revitilise the soul, get away from the television and enjoy a special environment. It is usually a very low cost outing, so if you are choosing corporate gifts this year, giving a picnic item is a wonderful gift for any family as it can help them to create special memories and boost relationships. For more ideas on corporate gifts contact us on or visit us on