Thursday, January 21, 2010

Plan, Plan and Plan some more

Every year I say it and every year we have last minute orders.

Planning makes a huge difference. With a cretain percentage of orders things do go wrong. And as the odds are, it is usually with rush orders. A classic example was of a client who had artwork designed by their adverstising agency for banners. The designs were fantastic but when they were submitted to the factory the factory noted that the artwork was not large enough and that the background images would not come out clearly.

As the artwork was submitted only a few days before the production deadline the advertising agency did not have the time to make the changes. Becuase there was no way to change the function date they elected to use the artwork that was originally submitted. Although the banners have a very clear logo and were perefectly fine, they could have been a lot better if there was sufficient time to make changes if neccessary.

Whenever people are rushed their attention to detail drops and errors are sometimes made. By planning ahead everyone wins.