Friday, December 12, 2008

Enrich your mind with books

I remember when I was at school, that after a long holiday where I had no mental challenges, that it took a few weeks to adjust to normal daily task, like writing the date, reading text books etc. In the corporate work this is true as well, it takes a while to recharge yourself into “go” mode.

So this year I decided to give gifts for gifts. They make a terrific gift and keeps the recipient mentally stimulated as well.

Some of the titles that are on my Christmas gifts.

For my teenage recipients: 365 Awesome Facts & Records About Nature
With an awesome fact or figure for each day of the year, this book covers every aspect of our natural world, from the beginnings of life to the end of the dinosaurs, and from the structure of the plant and animal kingdoms to animal behaviour and natural disasters.

For the kids I am giving: African Myths and Legends by Jay Heale and Dianne Stewart. Vividly told and illustrated, the book sustains the intrigue of storytelling that has been passed on from generation to generation. The magic lies in deciding whether the stories are fact or fiction.

For my Partying friends: Make Your Own Cocktails by David Biggs
A collection of over 100 tantalizing classic and unusual cocktails and mixed drinks. Includes a range of ideas for non-alcoholic drinks for drivers, non-drinkers and children.

One of my staff has a dream about studying law, so for her I am giving a teaser gift: Everyone's Guide to South African Law (2nd Edition) by Adriaan Anderson, Anelia Dodd and Rolien Roos This book is aimed at every South African who needs to know whether to obtain professional advice on a particular legal issue, or who simply wants to acquire a general understanding of the law. Few people know enough about the law or even understand legal terminology, yet the law is a vital part of society that affects all of us to some extent or another.

For my travelling friends: I chose Hiking Trails of South Africa by Sandra and Willie Olivier. Every major trail in South Africa is covered, with a clear description of each hike, its length and estimated time, plus information on hike accommodation, facilities and activities, such as abseiling and diving.
So choose a book as a gift this Christmas season whether they are humorous, historical, coffee table types or self help, this gift has longevity and builds the mind and spirit.

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