Saturday, September 27, 2014

Small Items that are Suitable for Table Gives at Year End Functions

By Kim Vermaak 27 September 2014 When organising a function, you need to have smaller sized gifts that are easy to transport. If it is a gala evening, you would also need something that is upmarket that adds to the prestige of the evening. These are some of my favourite items that are below R 200.00. Maglite SOLITAIRE AAA PRES
I love the Maglite brand, it is a quality brand that is respected in the outdoor and leisure market, but I have used them for years particular with power outages. It is a good safety item for both men and women to have on hand. The Solitaire is slim, stylish and compact and operates on one AAA alkaline battery. Simply rotate the head of the Solitaire to switch your unit on and off or to focus the beam from a spot to flood light. Twist - Spot to Flood. Spare Lamp in Tail Cap. Aluminium Alloy Casing. Compact & Lightweight. Innovative Extended key 1m lead allows the light beam and keys to be used together in the same direction. Stock is usually not held in large quantities, but there are various colours, so if you are willing to hand out a mix of colours, there are great compact gifts that easy for an event coordinator to carry and pack on tables. Wine accessories in a bottle shaped container
For wine lover, this is a compact and funky design that is well received. Wine accessories in a bottle shaped container – consists of a pourer, bottle opener and drip stopper. It has a magnetic closure. On the plus side, there are usually very good stock levels, but you have to know that your market does not have any religious objections to alcohol, although there are current some very good non-alcoholic brands of wine and champagne on the market, minimizing your risk. USB Car Charger
This little item is a great and convenient gift. It is life saver when your phone, tablet etc. runs out of battery and you really need to communicate. USB car charger for your camera, smart phone or MP3 player! It is also available as a Car charger with 2 USB connections for hassle-free charging of smart phones, tablets and cameras. Wooden meteorological station "Zurich"
The Wooden weather station with clock, hygrometer and thermometer is a super upmarket gift for your exucutive clients. Business card case "Mainz"
For a business person’s function the Business card case "Mainz" is very practical as this business card holder has two separate compartments (for 10 cards each), so that you can easily separate your own cards from the ones you receive. These are just a few of the many corporate gifting items that can be used for table based gifts. For more ideas visit our website or e-mail us on

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

How to Beat the Cold with Promotional Gifts

By Kim Vermaak Corporate Blankets When I used to be a reading mom at my daughter’s school, we had to sit outside the class and in winter this was terrible. Small children in skirts and long socks. Where designed that style of uniforms obviously did not have any nerve endings in their bodies, Nevertheless, I used to pitch up with a trusty blanket which we draped over our legs and reading became a lot more pleasurable. Headwear When I first found about some of the real culprits of heat loss, I was amazed. But because the brain is a vital organ, heat gets transferred to it to keep you alive. If you are do not have a head covering like a beanie, or hat, and then you will lose heat far more easily. Knitted beanies have a great classical look. But a fleece beanie is soft and really warm. Both the fleece beanie and the knitted beanie are excellent choices; it just boils down to personal preferences. Jackets The natural choice is the winter jackets when temperatures plummet. In the past we would opt for a great padded and heavyweight jacket, but the move these days is towards performance tested soft shell jackets. My personal favourite brand is the First accent jacket. What I like about the First Ascent Jacket is that while there are many soft shell jackets on the market, the First ascent range of jackets are performance tested in the field. The brand specialises in extreme conditions and so their jackets are designed with top materials in mind, Another first favourite is the 3 in 1 jacket. What makes this a great jacket is the versatility of the jackets. It is an end winter garment featuring removable fleece inner jacket. Outer jacket features concealed zip off hood with nylon aertex lining throughout zippered storm flap, welted outer pockets, inner pockets and phone pouch. Available in four colour way options When the days begin to warm up, many people like to wear a body warmer. These are fashionable and versatile garments, ideal for outdoor or casual wear. Water resistant outer jacket. Fully lined. Features include two side pockets, quilted padding, and polar fleece collar trim and top stitched panels. A cost effective jacket is the Hi-Tech Bomber Jackets, which is Also available in a stylish ladies fit with curved side panels. Best value in a classic bomber jacket. Zip away lining panel for embroidery access. Water resistant outer fabric. Available in four colour ways. for more information visit

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Beat Cold Stress

By Kim Vermaak 09 July 2014 At the moment, the weather is getting extremely cold in the morning. Personally I would like to be a bear and spend my time hibernating for the next few months, but alas, we have to work through these cold times and that can produce cold stress. Cold employees aren’t just uncomfortable, they are distracted. It is estimated that a drop in performance costs employers 10% more per hour, per employee. When our body’s temperature drops, we expend energy keeping ourselves warm, making less energy available for concentration, inspiration, and insight. In regions relatively unaccustomed to winter weather, like South Africa near freezing temperatures are considered factors for "cold stress." Whenever temperatures drop decidedly below normal and as wind speed increases, heat can more rapidly leave your body. These weather-related conditions may lead to serious health problems. Employees should avoid exposure to extremely cold temperatures when possible. When cold environments or temperatures cannot be avoided, employees should follow these recommendations to protect themselves from cold stress: Wear appropriate clothing. You can assist staff by providing a warm winter jacket. Although many businesses are concerned about cash flow, loss of productivity through staff who are suffering from cold is a factor that needs to be seriously considered. Cold stress is not just for outdoor workers. Many factories and warehouse environments are very cold. I can attest to this as in the very early weeks of if winter, I was in the new branding sections, which is in fact a warehouse and I just could not get out of there fast enough. The high ceilings and poor insulation make warehouses terrible to work in. Wear several layers of loose clothing. Layering provides better insulation. Tight clothing reduces blood circulation. Warm blood needs to be circulated to the extremities. So recommend to your staff to get a jacket that is one size bigger than they would normally take, so that they can put other layers under the jacket. When choosing clothing, be aware that some clothing may restrict movement resulting in a hazardous situation. Make sure to protect the ears, face, hands and feet in extremely cold weather. Boots should be waterproof and insulated. Wear a hat; it will keep your whole body warmer. (Hats reduce the amount of body heat that escapes from your head.) Beanies make an excellent form of protection for staff. Employers can also assist by: Scheduling cold jobs for the warmer part of the day. Reducing the physical demands of workers. Using relief workers or assign extra workers for long, demanding jobs. Providing warm liquids to workers. Giving each staff member a flask and having access to hot water, tea, soup etc. will go a long way in supporting them. But use a brand name like Isosteel that will remain hot for many hours. Warm, non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic drinks should be consumed frequently. Caffeine is a diuretic and causes dehydration, which is linked to heat loss. Provide warm areas for use during break periods. Warm-up and Stretch. Working in cold environments may increase the risk of back injuries and other musculoskeletal injuries. Workers should perform warm-up stretching exercises before handling heavy equipment and material. In the last stretch towards the end of winter, keep yourself and your employees warm to beat cold stress, improve morale and productivity. It just makes sense.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Protect your Skin at Winter Golf Days

Even in winter the sun has the potential of damaging your skin. That is why it is good
to be able to protect your skin during all seasons. Some exposure to sunlight can be enjoyable, but too much sunlight can be dangerous. Overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause immediate effects such as sunburn and long-term problems such as skin cancer and cataracts. Sunlight consists of two types of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, UVB and UVA. Both UVB and UVA radiation contribute to freckling, skin wrinkling and the development of skin cancer. If health is a focus of your company there are gifts that you can choose that can assist in this area? Types of promotional gifts that can help are: For golf days Some golf clubs offer winter golf day specials such as the Killarney golf club that offers 50% discount on venue hire over July and August. If you want to protect your skin at a golf day buy a panama hat instead of caps. While caps come in a wide variety of designs and colours, they leave the ears exposed. However a panama hat is as stylish alternative headwear for the corporate, amateur and professional golfer. Many people think that umbrellas are just about rain, but they also offer protection for golfers from the sun. A good idea is to invest in a couple of gazebos, which can be stations near the tee off and the end of the hole, so that golfers can stop for some refreshments. You can even get branded event coolers. Please remember your sunscreen bottles and sachets for the players, which you can hand out at registration. Additional items that make great golf day ideas are: Chinos Golf club covers Golf gloves Golf tees Golf Towels Water bottles You can have a lot of fun and by taking care of a few extra details like protecting the skin of your players; you can show that you can about your customers as well. For more information contact us on:, or visit us on or call us on: 082 948 7461.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to Choose a Winter Jacket

The long term weather forecast for Johannesburg put us with average low temperatures of between 8 and 6 degrees. While the days remain a pleasant temperature, much to my delight, like most people I have to get up early to get to work and those chilly mornings and the sudden drop of temperature at sunset and not to my liking. To see the long term view for weather have a look at That is why a good winter jacket is essential at this time of the year. Initially jackets are worn primarily in the early morning s and after work, but as winter progresses; a good jacket is an essential element for a corporate winter wardrobe. Choosing the correct winter jacket for your staff and clients can seem a bit tricky. But if you use some basic guidelines, you will be able to choose the most suitable style for your company, based on the average type of use for the winter jacket. 1. Choose your budget. On average companies who are paying for the full price of the jacket, will choose a style every second year. This means that you need able to choose a quality jacket that will last and still look good after two years of wearing. So there needs to be a balance of cash flow and value. For companies who get staff to pay for their own jackets, budget works around what the average employee can afford. The more advanced the technology of the jacket, the higher the budget will be. However it is important to consider the cost per usage value. I have jackets that I have worn for years and then I have jackets that I have only been able to wear for a season. A quality jacket that lasts may initially seem price, but given the cost per usage of the jacket, it makes it a good value for money option. 2. Choose the best jacket for your needs. Where your staff are working on site and primarily outdoors, then an insulated padded jacket is a must. However if you staff will wear them primarily around the office, then a good soft-shell jacket will work. While jacket that works well for the rainy season, such as a Drimac Jacket or a MacJack, these are very casual looking jackets and are not suitable for corporate wear. 3. Consider the brand for your jackets. There are a number of promotional jackets on the market, Such a Barron and Altitude. These are good value for money options and often have a large selection of styles and colours. Popular winter jackets from the Barron Range include Another brand which has a limited range, but is an excelent corporate choice is the Caddy Master jackets. The Tony jacket by Caddy Master is a Showerproof micro peached outer fabric with 200g micro fleece lining for warmth. Another very corporate choice that makes a good all year round jacket is the Ernest Jacket by Dunbar, which has a cotton outer with poly/cotton lining and ribbed collar. Many retail brands are designed around fashion trends are do not always work for a corporate unless you are willing to stick to black and as good base colour. However certain brands available at a retail level are performance driven brands. Brands such as First Ascent are performance tested and due to the fact that they last a long time, they often value for money in comparison to servicing an immediate cash flow issue. The First Ascent Soft-Shell fabrics combine the insulation benefits of a soft fleece with the water & wind repellent benefits of a hard shell. Fusion Soft-Shell fabrics are research inspired fabrics developed to move fast and light and simplify your wardrobe. Fabrics are lightweight, durable, and easy to wear and for the most part outperform a traditional hard shell, except in extended rainy conditions. In the First Ascent Jackets, the jackets that use this technology include • Ladies Bernina Body WarmerLadies Minstral XT-2 JacketLadies Oracle XT-1 JacketLadies XT-2 JacketMatterhorn Body WarmerMen’s Phantom XT-2 JacketMen’s Oracle XT-1 JacketSolace XT-2 Jacket 4. Consider the tasks of the staff members. Warehouse environments are extremely cold and so performance jackets are more suited to this environment. We find that a good 3-in-1 jacket allows versatility, as it can be used as a body warmer, jacket or a jacket with a fleece lining. However styles of 3-in-1s do differ from time to time. However offices often have air conditioning so staff have some protection form the elements during the day. Working on a computer requires upper body mobility, which is restricted with many of the padded jacket options. Once you have juggled, the needs to your staff, the performance of the brand and your budget, you will be able to come up with a good jacket choice. While you can’t please everyone all the time, your can come up with a jacket choice that will keep the majority of your staff happy and attract the attenti

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Ascent

One of the brands that I love is the First Ascent brand. The brand is a leading outdoor specialist brand. Whether it is cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, triathlons or braving the corporate jungle, the First Ascent brand offers top performance gear for any adventurous person. The soft shell jackets ad body warmers are extremely popular in the corporate market. Besides the technology testing the brand’s performance is tested in the field by serious athletes. Soft-Shell fabrics combine the insulation benefits of a soft fleece with the water & wind repellent benefits of a hard shell. Fusion Soft-Shell fabrics are research inspired fabrics developed to move fast and light and simplify your wardrobe. Fabrics are lightweight, durable, easy to wear and for the most part outperform a traditional hard shell, except in extended rainy conditions. Some of the jackets that we like are the : Men’s Phantom XT-2 Jacket
Description: This soft-shell fabric offers the best of both hard-shell and fleece in one garment – water repellent enough to protect you from a light downpour. Features: • Articulated arms, for freedom of movement • Athletic cut to eliminate excess bulk • High collar for increased protection • 2 large pockets with concealed shock cord for the hem located in each pocket • Mp3 compatible pocket Specifications: • FABRIC > Soft-Shell XT2 • WEIGHT > 485g • SIZES: S | M | L | XL | 2XL | 3XL | 4XLcl Men’s Oracle XT-1 Jacket Tramm5mm
Description: Featuring bonded breathable membrane technology, the Oracle represents the ultimate combination of hard-shell and fleece. The durable water shedding face fabric combines with the membrane to effectively repel snow, ice and most of the rain it encounters. Features: • XT-1 Soft-Shell membrane technology fabric • Athletic cut with articulated arms for unrestricted movement • Aquaguard main zip for increased water shedding • Concealed cuff gusset to keep unwanted snow and ice at bay • 2 large chest cargo pockets and 2 easy entry handwarmer pockets • Sewfree zippered bicep accessory pocket • One hand operational collar adjuster and waist • drawcord anchored in pocket • MP3 Compatible pocket Specifications: • FABRIC > Soft-Shell XT1 • WEIGHT > 550g • SIZES: S | M | L | XL | XXL | XXXL Ladies Oracle XT-1 Jacket
Description: Featuring bonded breathable membrane technology, the Oracle represents the ultimate combination of hard-shell and fleece. The durable water shedding face fabric combines with the membrane to effectively repel snow, ice and most of the rain it encounters. Features: • XT-1 Soft-Shell membrane technology fabric • Ladies specific cut with articulated arms for unrestricted movement • Aquaguard main zip for increased water shedding • One hand operational collar adjuster and waist drawcord anchored in pocket • Concealed cuff gusset to keep unwanted snow and ice at bay • Sewfree zippered bicep accessory pocket • MP3 Compatible pocket Specifications: • FABRIC > Soft-Shell XT-1 • WEIGHT > 495g • SIZES: S | M | L | XL Ladies Bernina Waistcoat XT2 Description: A flattering, wind blocking body warmer designed to keep the torso warm and dry. Fleecy lined for warmth with an easy maintenance outer fabric. Features: • Fleecy lined Fusion XT-2 fabric is windproof and water resistant • Zip secure hand warmer pockets, with hem draw cord neatly stowed inside • MP3 compatible pocket Specifications: • FABRIC > Soft Shell XT2 Fabric • WEIGHT > 260g • SIZES: S | M | L | XL | 2XL Mens Matterhorn Body Warmer
Description: This next generation softshell fabric offers the best of both hardshell & fleece in one garment – the wind resistant outer blocks natures fury, while the soft fleece traps the warmth to insulate your torso. Features: • Reflective logos • Athletic cut to eliminate excess bulk • Chest pocket to carry an energy bar • 2 large pockets • Elasticated hem to seal in the warmth Specifications: • FABRIC > Fusion Soft Shell XT2 Fabric • WEIGHT > 310g • SIZES: S | M | L | XL | 2XL | 3XL

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Coffee Mugs are Great Winter Promotional Gifts

As winter approaches, there is nothing quite as satisfying as a hot steaming mug of tea or coffee to brace off the winter chills. One of the things that I look for in a mug is the comfort of the handle. I must be able to comfortably wrap my fingers into the handle and I must be able to wrap my hands around the mug, because that is what gives the most comfortable soothing winter warming effects. Mugs that work well with these qualities are the standard coffee mugs and the bullet coffee mugs. They have good rounded surfaces to wrap your hands around. If you really want to indulge, then the cookie mug also has all the good qualities of a coffee mug, with the added benefit of having a handy place to keep a tasty close at hand. The cookie mug has a wonderful print surface area. The standard mug, bullet mug and cookie mugs can have wrap around prints. This means that the print wraps all the way round the mug, except in the handle area. That gives you a big fun surface area to be creative with. I also love the look of the spoon mug, the one challenge is that if you damage the ceramic spoon that comes with the mug, and then you are unable to replace it. However, you can still slot a normal teaspoon into it. But for multi-functional mugs, from a practical perspective the cookie mug still comes out tops. Being in the industry we have a lot of samples of different mugs that we can use whenever we want to and I find that I still always revert to the bullet mug and standard mug and on occasion the cone mug. When deadlines are on and you desperate for a strong caffeine fix, then you can revert to the jumbo cone mug. It is a novel, high impact corporate gift with a wonderfully large print surface area and a full wrap print area. Although it is fun to have a photo on a mug, this is done using digital printing and I personally still prefer a kiln fired coffee mug, which has to use water based silk screened decals. The mugs are then hand decorated and are then baked in a kiln at extremely high temperatures. This ensures that the print is permanent and microwave and dishwasher safe. For more information on branded coffee mugs and other corporate gifts or promotional gifts contact us on or call us on: Office Line: (011) 593 2450 or Office Cell: 082 948 7461

It is Time to Plan for Jacket Season

After the last few weeks of rain I have been so pleased to have sunshine for a few days. It definitely lifts the spirits, but I must confess that in the evenings I have been feeling that the chill is starting to creep up on us. Jackets are a great corporate clothing option. They help to build corporate identity and serve as walking billboards for your company. They make great staff morale boosters and many clients also welcome a jacket over this season. If you are buying for immediate use and want a great all-rounder jacket for those rainy days, the
all-weather jacket is a terrific option. It is a light weight jacket that comes in a variety of colours. It also have a convenient zip up bag that it is stored in so ladies can pop it into an average size handbag or it can be left in the boot of your car. The All Weather jacket is constructed from windproof and water resistant rip-stop nylon. This jacket has Mesh Airtex lining for added comfort. The hood may be zipped off or tucked into the collar and concealed. It comes in black, lime, navy, red and stone. If you are looking for a more serious jacket, then the Trade Jacket is the way to go. The Trade Jacket
has an extended length jacket, which is medium weight, padded jacket featuring zip-away/roll-up hood, elasticated cuffs with tab adjusters, two side pockets with bar-tacking reinforced entry and horizontal chest flap concealing zippered pocket on right side. This jacket is available in six colours, black, bottle, grey, red, royal, navy. On the sportier side is the Monte Carlo Jacket. This is Medium weight padded jacket in raglan cut for
versatile fit. This jacket features include reflective piping for high visibility, zipaway padded hood with drawstring, two zippered side pockets and adjustable cuffs with velcro tabs. This sporty two-tone styling jacket comes in four colourways black and charcoal, lime and black, red and black and finally royal and black. For more jacket options contact Belle Regalo e-mail us on

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Promotional T-shirts are still an effective way to draw attention to your brand

by Kim Vermaak 09 February 2014 Today there is so much competition to get noticed. Plus so much information out there. In the promotional clothing and promotional gift industry, I have seen a lot of gifts and t-shirts, but three weeks ago, I noticed a t-shirt’s slogan made me ask a total stranger to turn around and show me the front of his t-shirt. His t-shirt said “Getting bosses and their secretaries out of trouble since 1997”. Now when he turned around the actual company that the shirt was advertising was both a particularly exciting type of products, but definitely necessary and it certainly got my attention with the catchy slogan on the back of the t-shirt. In today’s fast paced and highly competitive business world, standing out is the key. The good news is that there are more ways to reach people than ever before in history, and if you’re willing to think outside of the box and pay attention to your clientele, you can strike the right chord. Choose Great Graphic design Once of the best ways for attracting customers to small businesses these days, particularly when the clientele are under 35, is through graphic design. Graphic design might seem a bit unusual, but today’s generation is all about being unusual and standing out. This allows building a brand that is both highly recognizable, a path for future success. Custom t-shirts The reason why you don’t need to spend money and why spending money won’t give you the results you’re looking for is because people in today’s younger generations aren’t driven by the old school ad campaigns that used to work. There are so many younger generations making purchasing decisions. So make sure that your custom t-shirts have a great appeal for a younger market. Since start-ups generally don’t have deep pockets, you really need to plan ahead. That means you should start by trying to be creative from the very beginning. One of the tactics you can try is to use t-shirts that are inexpensive and custom made. You can’t do much better than a good run of t-shirts if you’re trying to get the public wise to your business, what you do, and why people should come to you. T-shirts Work Lots of businesses, with small businesses in particular, tend to look toward t-shirts as a marketing tool of choice because it gives them the results they are looking for at a budget they can afford. A t-shirt is like a billboard that walks everywhere and interacts with future customers on your behalf. In some ways, it’s even better than a billboard because of that element of personal interaction. If you want success, you should figure out a way to get people to do your marketing for you through t-shirts. In a recent study, Brand exposure on Corporate Gifts clearly leaves a compelling impression on recipients when compared to other forms of advertising. 56% of recipients of corporate gifts said their opinion of the brand or company was more favourable. Tips to keep in mind Use graphics, use colour, use size a large size print on your t-shirts, Take advantage of any avenues of distribution you can think of. If you have employees, for example, all of them should be wearing your t-shirts everywhere they go. Ask friend who want you to succeed to wear your t-shirts. Think simple. Your design should be easy to figure out visually, but at the same time, you should make it stand out so it sticks in the mind. And finally, you want your t-shirts to be packaged with your products so people are likely to pick them up when they pick up your products. There are a number of reasons to look toward promotional t-shirts when it comes to small business marketing. T-shirts are cheap and effective billboards that reach people personally. Just keep things creative and you’ll start racking up customers before you know it. If you need to find out more about promotional t-shirts contact Belle Regalo or call us on (011) 593 2450 or 082 948 7461.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rainy Day Gifts

You have heard the term rainmaker. It is a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds. Rain brings new life to your garden, cleans out the air from pollution and heals the earth. But it can also make people a little gloomy, when they have to get up to go to work in the rain, the traffic becomes congested, someone drives through a puddle and you get drenched and your children get cabin fever as they cannot go out. That is when it is the perfect time to capitalise on handing out rainy day gifts. What kind of promotional gifts can you hand out on a rainy day? Umbrellas are always a winner. They come is a vast range of sizes and shapes a colours. Personally I prefer a windproof umbrella or golf umbrellas. That is because I come from Port Elizabeth; also known as the friendly or the windy City. Now while I like the friendly part, I am not crazy about the wind especially if the wind turns your umbrella inside out. It is always an act of kindness to have a few branded umbrellas in your reception area for visitors who arrive unprotected from the rain. So if you are afraid of the combination of wind and rain, then a rain resistant jacket like a wind breaker, dri mac or oxford sporty jacket is the way to go. Of course on days like these I have a craving for hot chocolate and if you are like me, and then the best kind of hot chocolate is definitely Nomu. Rich and creamy chocolatey indulgence, this premium hot chocolate powder is meant to be enjoyed with hot or cold milk or maybe even just sprinkled on top of vanilla ice cream! As Nomu comes in a beautiful tin, why not compliment it with an Isosteel mug (the prestige thermal mug) or with one of the highly accessible cost effective promotional stainless steel thermal mugs. Why not have a coffee machine in your reception area, one with coffee and an urn with hot water and couple of branded mug and a tin of delicious hot chocolate for them to warm up with after being drenched by the rain. Whatever your special rainy promotional gifts are, you can certainly add dividends to your client relationships by using these promotional gifting ideas. For more information about Umbrellas or other rainy day promotional gifts, contact us on , visit us on or call us on (011) 593 2450 Or 082 948 7461.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Themes for Valentine's Day Gifts for Corporates

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. That gives corporates a terrific opportunity to organise something on Valentine’s Day. This I am favouring corporate picnics for Valentine’s Day. They fall within a romantic theme, but work well for corporates. This is quite easy to coordinate. If you have a large budget, buy wicker picnic baskets for clients or staff and fill them with delicious Valentine’s Day treats. Then get large picnic blankets which can be laid out in a court yard, in a sectioned off part of the parking lot etc. Most baskets come with all the plates, glasses and utensils for two to four people, so you don’t need anything extra except your food. Even a lunch cooler filled with Valentine’s Day treats will work well. Hire a whole bunch of plants from a décor company or a nursery to create a little sectioned off piece of paradise. Be sure to choose plants that are of different heights to create a natural feel. Get some tranquil music which you can play over a portable CD player or hire a sound system. Include in your basket a love song CD that your guest can take home with them as well. If you have a lower budget, get platters from a local Spar and give each guest a sandblasted champagne glass with miniature personalised champagne bottles as a Valentine’s Day gift. We have a big demand for personalised wine as promotional gifts. After all the yummy treats, why not and out to your guests some banded mint tins, which will be an excellent Valentine’s Day gift that will be used a long time after your Valentine’s Day corporate event. There are some many ways that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your clients and staff, just use a little imagination and you can spread some love this Valentine’s Day. For more ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts, contact Belle Regalo on or call us on 082 948 7461.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Useful Desk Based Corporate Gifts

By Kim Vermaak Unlike other forms of media, where the advertiser’s message is seen as an interruption in what the consumer is trying to do
(i.e.: watch a TV programme or surf the Internet), promotional products are used by consumers to achieve a goal, like drink coffee, write or wear a shirt. Your corporate gifting strategy targets your direct customers thereby reducing wastage of ad spend. You can also incorporate the initial drop off of the gift with an advertising message. For example rolling up an advertisement into a coffee mug or adding it to your packaging. Examples of useful corporate gifts at this time of the year are. Business Card Holders, desk coffee machines, desk organisers, desk planners, mouse pads, photo frames. Business Card Holders I like the Nickel Plated Business Card Stand. It has a stylish leatherette material wit contrast white stitching and engrave able front plate. Business card holders are terrific practical corporate gifts to help keep a desk organiser and to always have business cards on hand. Desk Coffee Machines In November I bought our sales manager the Perk Coffee Maker. He likes to start his day with a cup of coffee, but the rest of the team drink tea. So to make a whole pot of coffee for one person is a waste. This nifty machine makes a single cup of coffee. So the person, who gets this great corporate gift, gets to have a superb cup of coffee in just the right amount. Desk Organisers At the beginning of the year many people are trying to reorganize their workspace to increase productivity. An effective corporate gift for this use is an executive desk box with memo pad. This compact desk organiser has space for a kindle or small tablet. It also has a pen holder that can hold several promotional pens. There is a separate compartment for a mobile phone. It has a 100 memo pages and also has a storage draw. This model is due to arrive on 27 February (so place back order to ensure stock) Desk Planners. Most people are starting to plan for their year ahead. You can opt for a paper desk planner or a leather reusable desk planner for high end clients. Mouse Pads Mouse pads remain an excellent useful corporate gift. You can choose from great stock items or you can have a mouse pad custom made as a corporate gift. If your mouse pad is custom made, this adverting gift can have a full designed advertisement in it. Photo Frames Many people like to have a picture of their children or spouse on their desk. You can personalise your branding with this special corporate gift to keep your client’s and staff memories close at hand. There are so many wonderful and practical desk based gifts to choose from, that you can make an impact with your brand for 2014. For more ideas of corporate gifts contact Belle Regalo on

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why is a Conference Bag still a Good Corporate Gift?

By Kim Vermaak 07 January 2014 The simple conference bag has stood the test of time in the
corporate gifting market. Conference bags are use over and over again giving them an excellent cost per impression rate. With proper thoughts, your firm can still get good mileage out of conference bags. When I started out in the industry, you had the “huge” selection of navy or black conference bags to choose from. Anything else had to be custom made and so this conference bag option was reserved for the best planners as the lead time for custom conference bags was so long. Nowadays there is a much wider selection of stock conference bags in a wide variety of colours. If you get a good and functional design, the conference bags will be used again and again. With many more affordable laptop packages available, through cell phone packages and or though leading banks more and more people are using laptops and tablets. That means mobile offices are now no longer a futuristic visions, they are available now and here. This has greatly increased the use of conference bags and laptop trolley bags. I personally use the ladies laptop handbag. It has a compartment for a tablet, a small pouch for my personal items such as a lipstick, pens, a coin purse, etc. It carries a 17ich screen laptop and I also can fit a 3 presentation folders in it. If I remove the laptop and only use an IPad, I can also fit our rather bulky corporate gifting catalogue inside it, as well as a small cosmetic bag and my hairbrush, making it the ideal mobile office bag for a female executive. When choosing a conference bag or laptop bag, think about the following: Who is person receiving the conference bag? Are they an executive or are they at a managerial level. If it is a top executive, then they will not be reusing a basic document bag. For an executive, you can consider the leather laptop bags or a lower cost yet still executive looking lichee conference bag. What kinds of activities will be at your conference? If it is a long conference with lots of workshops and note taking, then choose a conference bag that has pen compartments, enough space for files and a side pocket for a water bottle. If there are masses of large files at big policy making sessions, then a trolley bag will be a better option for the delegates at this type of conference as no one wants to lug around huge files over the course of a conference using a shoulder strap of a conference bag. Do you want your brand to have repeat viewing? If you are only interested in your bag being used at the event, then you can go for a lower budget. If however, you want this bag to have longevity, then spend more on a functional conference bag that can be used frequently. I personally like trolley bags for this purpose. One with a small branding plaque, which is subtle enough for an executive to be prepared to use again, but still gives your brand presence. The reason that I like laptop trolley bags is that some of them can also be used as overnight bags for a short business trip. I like Europa Laptop Trolley Bag. It has a great stylish look. We have engraved logos onto bags before and this also gives a subtle branding. What is your budget? Balance your budget with the impression that you want to create. Rather spend more on one great item than give out lots of little cheap items. Remember that for the duration of your conference all these delegates are going to be walking billboards advertising your product. If you were a stranger passing by, what would you think of the company whose logo is on those conference bags? For more information about corporate gifts for conferences and exhibitions, contact Belle Regalo on or call us on (011) 593 2450 or 082 948 7461.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Practical Gifts for Conferences and Exhibitions

The adage meetings mean business might sound like a cliché, but it’s the absolute truth of the matter. Networking at events lays the groundwork for excellent business deals. Some of them are even singed at the venue. While there is strong growth in website and other digital marketing, people do feel safe when dealing face to face with people. You get to see if the person’s smile is genuine, if their handshake is form and get a better understanding of the person that you will be doing business with. Here are some ideas to enhance the experience of the visitors and delegates at your conference or exhibition. Name cards on lanyards meetings are vital. Sticker badges say “tacky, unprofessional.” They will disappear for good when the sweater is put on or removed, and they can’t and won’t be transferred to new garments on the following day. We have all heard of presenters who have had their entire hard drive was wiped just as they are about the present at an events. Memory sticks or USBs not only give you the opportunity to give a small conference gifts but they also allow you to add the presentation to the USBs, so that the conference delegates can re-print the notes afterwards. In addition, they make excellent back-ups for presentations. If you have the budget you can have a custom USBs moulded into the shape of one of your products. This definitely sets you apart from the rest. Business card holders are not often thought of as many people believe that delegates have their own business card holders. But I have fund it invaluable to have an extra card holder as this allows me to put the business cards of all the delegates that I would like to keep cards of. This practical corporate gift that you can use again and again. If you have a refreshment stand, why not handed out a free coffee mug or branded glass at the stand. If this is a bit above your budget, then have disposable branded coffee sleeves to put around your disposable cups, this will show off your logo and attract more people to your stand. Notebooks are a terrific conference and exhibition gift as they allow delegates to take notes of the stands that they likes or people that they want to reconnect with. I have often written a note on the back of a card in the hope of looking at it again and have forgotten where I put the card, so a notebook would be great way to relook at the notes made at the event. By the end of an exhibition all the shopping bags that countless companies hand out, start to dig into my hands and so one of the best exhibition gifts that I receive was a luggage spotter handle. They make holding a whole bunch of shopper bags filled with catalogues, so much more comfortable. At another exhibition that I attended a stand sold trolley bags with their logo on. People flocked to this stand to relieve them of their stock. Some exhibitions do not allow the sale of products, but perhaps you can arrange for your top clients to stop by and get their free trolley bag or you can have an hourly lucky draw for conference bag. Over a 3 day conference you would only need 25 trolley bags for a competition. These are add onto the normal conference gifts such a conference bags, conference folders, pens, stylus pens, trolley bags There are so many conference gift options to choose from, but the ones mentioned in this article solve some of the practicalities that need to be take care of at an event. For more information about corporate gifts for conferences and exhibitions, contact Belle Regalo on or call us on (011) 593 2450 or 082 948 7461.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Upcoming Corporate Gifting Events

Back to School – 15 January Children will officially go back to school on Wednesday the 15th of January. However some schools may change the dates a little. Many companies will start a back to school campaign for corporate gifts. Ideas include backpacks, book bags or conference bags, Frisbees, lunch boxes, math sets, pencil bags, pencils, pens, sharpeners, soccer kits, water bottles and yoyos. Conference season – January to end February Many companies will start the year off with planning and conferences. Whether you have your conferences at the beginning of the year later in the year, plan ahead for your gifts. Conference gift ideas include: conference bags, conference pens, custom printed notepads, folders, hampers, lanyards, mints, notepads, speaker’s gifts, trolley bags, USBs Valentine’s Day – Friday 14 February As Valentine’s Day is on a Friday, you can bet all the restaurants will be fully booked, so get your restaurant bookings done early. Chocolates remain a popular choice, but with diabetes being on the increase, you can choose items that are easier on the hips. For example a Valentine’s Day cookie mug, heart shaped stress balls, mints, red t-shirt. There are a lot of choices for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s is a very big event in the corporate gifting calendar and an essential for corporate morale. For more information about corporate gifts or clothing contact Belle Regalo on or (011) 593 2450 or 082 948 7461 or visit our website: