Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top Winter Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way to boost morale in winter. Usually everyone starts going into sluggish mode at home. As a woman I strongly believe that we should just be hibernating or eating chocolate during winters, but as business woman productivity is important. So how do you motivate people over winter? Great winter gift ideas for staff and customers are: Winter Jackets as a Corporate Gift Jackets make wonderful winter corporate gifts. They are very seasonal and meet a very real need, so you know that this is a corporate gift that will be well received. If you want to give winter jacket to staff, then brand the jackets with a nice big embroidered logo in you full corporate colours. If you have a prestige brand then you can so the same for client gifts. However if your brand does not have the coca cola or Mercedes Benz status of a brand, you may want to consider doing a colour on colour logo so that it will increase the wear ability of the garment. A lot of people do not like to wear heavily branded apparel unless is a very popular retain brand Blankets as Corporate Gift While in hibernating mode, there is nothing better than to snuggle up with a dvd on the couch and a nice warm blanket to wrap around you. This is what makes blanket a great winter corporate gift. Not only is a blanket a great personal gift, it is also great to have them around when you have guest around for a winter braai, because although the days may be sunny, after 16H00, the sun starts to dip dramatically and with it the temperature, so it is nice for a hostess to hand out a few blankets when the conversation is good and the chill is an invasion. Flasks as a Corporate Gift To be honest, my personal preference will always be isosteel flasks. Are they more expensive, of course! We are talking German engineering and superior heat retentions. When my baby was very young I kept a flask of hot water next to my bed to heat up milk for baby. When it was normal promotional flask, at 01H00 it is cold, but if it is an Isosteel flask then the water is still hot. So if you are serious about quality there can be no other choice in flask. Coffee Mugs as a Corporate Gift For a low cost corporate gift with great impact, you simply cannot go wrong with a coffee mug as a corporate gift. It is great to wrap those chilly fingers around in winter. Plus you can get to fill them with all kinds of great goodies, like nougat or Lindt chocolates. A very nice touch is to have them personalised with your client’s name. Fluffy Bath Robes as a Corporate Gift While you may have a great hot water bottle or an electric blanket in your bed, depending how electricity wise you are, a great warm bath robe is a wonderful gift to lounge around in until it is time to get into bed. Thick Fluffy Bath Sheets as a Corporate Gift After a warm soak in the bath, no one likes getting out the bath, but a great thick bath sheet to wrap around you is a must in winter, so these make superb winter gifts as well. When it comes to winter corporate gifts, there are so many great options, the ones that I mentioned are just a few, so let your imagination go wild or contact us on

Monday, May 20, 2013

Winter Jackets can Help Boost Motivation During Winter

Winter jackets are one of those items that you simply cannot procrastinate on. Despite the obvious that if you take your time, winter pass and then it will be too late to purchase your jackets. There is another reason to purchase your winter jackets early and that is motivation. I have noticed that during winter motivation tends to drop with the temperature. Let’s face it, it is hard enough getting out of bed on a Monday morning, but when it is pitch dark outside and feels like it is the middle of the night, who wants to get out of bed. Then there is a dreaded refrigerator that your car turns into that you need to endure until the air conditioner starts to kick n and that is enough to put a damper on the most motivated person. The corporate clothing gift of a winter jacket, does not just keep employees warm, it is a motivating tool that turns up the temperature of positive attitude a few notches. And during a time when most people feel like hibernating, some extra motivation is just what the doctor orders, so get your winter jackets sooner than later.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Corporate Clothing Pays for Itself.

Corporate clothing remains an excellent way to build your brand. With some many corporate clothing options available it is becoming easier and easier to put together a corporate clothing look for even the smallest of teams. We have found that a number of the employees from our corporate clothing customers re also willing to pay for their own corporate clothing. While this sounds strange to some corporates who pay the full cost of corporate clothing for their employees, for other team where budget is limited employees are happy to pay for corporate clothing as they over all ten to spend less on their personal clothing budget as they have uniform that they wear every day. It also eliminates the daily stress that many people have of “what to wear today”. For teams where there is a lots of comparisons having a uniform eliminates some of the “look what she is wearing today”. In addition where professionalism is an important factor then having corporate clothing ensures that everyone is dressed according to professional standards that are accepted by the company. This is useful where you have a large variety of ages, work experience and tastes that have different interpretations of what is professional wear. Corporate clothing definitely eliminates many of these stresses.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Best Buy Jacket for Winter

With winter literally yanking at our door, I thought that I would share what is my best buy from our corporate jacket range for this season. My all-time favourite winter jacket is definitely the Executive Ladies Jacket. It is fully lined, so it gives great warmth, yet light weight enough to be very comfortable. It is manufactured from stylish mock suede. I love the belted look, as it can be pulled in to make a more flattering view of your waist. I also love the length of the jacket, as it covers your bottom and the dimpled sins of all those carb cravings that come with winter. But more importantly it covers that lower back section between your lower spine and mid back, which I find tends to get cold when those shorter jackets sneak up when you sit down. As there are so many hipster styled pants these days, this little portion of a lady’s body tends to take a hit during the winter chills, so it is comforting to know that you can still wear hipsters and keep your back warm. It is not a formal jacket; however it is far more fashionable and stylish than a conventional promotional jacket. I personally have two colours, one black, which I wear with a black pencil skirt and corporate shirt on cool days and the stone which I wear with jeans and knee length high heel brown boots. This winter jacket actually comes in three colours, black, stone and navy. I think that I should rush to get a navy one to wear with blue jeans and crisp white shirt or polar neck. This look is ideal for casual day. The jacket also comes in a matching gent’s style, but without the belted waist. But don’t run out and tell them about it, they just may want one too. For other jacket options have a look at Or call us on 082 948 7461 or e-mail us on Be kind to your self this winter. Kim Vermaak