Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Woman's Day Gifts under R 50.00

There are some gifts that stand the test of time for low cost ladies gifts. Here are some ideas for ladies gifts under R 50.00 per unit for you to use as promotional items for woman’s day. Water Spray Fan as a woman's day gift As Woman’s Day arrives just before spring, this is a great ladies Gift to help freshen you up. I must also admit that as summer arrives the freshen up your complexion, makes this a great woman’s day gifts for under R 50,00 Telescopic Umbrellas as a Woman's Day Gift These nifty little umbrellas are a great ladies day gift to make the quick dash from your office to mode of transport. CrisMa business card holder with quilted pattern as a woman's day gift I love this cute quilted look. It is a more fashionable look than the classic metal business card holders. Manicure Set in Pouch as a Woman's Day Gift This pretty PU Cover zippered closure manicure set includes a nail clipper, tweezers, nail scissors and a nail file. I like this gift as there have been countless times that I have snagged a nail when out of the office. Then instead of waiting patiently until I get back to the office or home, I end of tugging at the loose end with my teeth and eventually pull the whole loose part of the nail off. Perhaps you have more self-control than I do, but I want to have one of these in my car, in my handbag and next to my bed. Whether you have a high budget or a low budget, Belle Regalo has a wide variety of gifts just for you. So visit us on or e-mail us on

Monday, June 24, 2013

Woman's Day Gifts

I love Woman’s Day Gifts. Woman are naturally generous people, we give so much of our time and care for those around us. Woman’s Day is a time to celebrate what the women in our lives have done for us. While we live in a democracy, we do not have to make the kind of threatening sacrifices that many other women had to make for us to get to where we are today. But daily sacrifices that we make to maintain a good life for our family, to retain our independence to help our sisters fight inequality is still of great value. A Woman’s Day gift is a small gesture to acknowledge the ladies in our lives and what they do for us. Where it is a mother, a mentor, the lady who brings you tea in the morning, a beloved teacher at school, they are all valuable, so show your appreciation with a woman’s day guest today. For ideas for woman’s day gifts visit us on or visit our Woman’s Day Gifts Page or e-mail us on

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Leggendary Moleskine

I love Moleskines. They make wonderful corporate gift and because they are used up, they make a wonderful repeat corporate gift. But don’t just take my word for it; there have been numerous sightings of Moleskine notebooks on cinema and TV screens. Their silent presence accompanies the movements of both real and imaginary characters, protagonists of the world of culture and entertainment. The notebook is itself the protagonist in a crucial point in history and, at other times, the simple mark of a style of living and being, invariably the fruit of the spontaneous choice of its user. Many sightings come from the various communities and individual Moleskine notebook lovers around the world. The Devil Wears Prada USA, 2006 Directed by David Frankel Cast: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, and Emily Blunt Shall we dance USA, 2004 Directed by Peter Chelsom Cast: Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez,Susan Sarandon National Treasure USA, 2004 Directed by Jon Turteltaub Cast: Nicolas Cage, Harvey Keitel,Diane Kruger K-Pax USA, 2001 Directed by Lain Softley Cast: Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack The Talented Mr. Ripley USA, 1999 Directed by Anthony Minghella Cast: Matt Damon, Gwineth Paltrow, Jude Law The history of the Moleskine all started many years ago, with a pocket-sized black object, the product of a great tradition. The Moleskine notebook is, in fact, the heir and successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries: among them Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Bruce Chatwick. A simple black rectangle with rounded corners, an elastic page-holder, and an internal expandable pocket: a nameless object with a spare perfection all its own, produced for over a century by a small French bookbinder that supplied the stationery shops of Paris, where the artistic and literary avant-gardes of the world browsed and bought them. A trusted and handy travel companion, the notebook held invaluable sketches, notes, stories, and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books. In 1997, a small Milanese publisher brought the legendary notebook back to life, and selected this name with a literary pedigree to revive an extraordinary tradition. Following in Chatwin's footsteps, Moleskine notebooks have resumed their travels, providing an indispensable counterpart to the new and portable technology of today. Capturing reality in movement, glimpsing and recording details, inscribing the unique nature of experience on paper: the Moleskine notebook becomes a battery that stores ideas and feelings, releasing its energy over time, making it a superb corporate gift that you can give over and over again. The Moleskine is easily branded with debossing and/or foiling making it an excellent corporate gift. for more information contact us on or visit:

Monday, June 10, 2013

Top Winter Jackets

The Top Scoring Average Winter Jacket The Exec Gents and Ladies Winter Jacket got the top average. The Jacket is warm, stylish and comfortable. The styling allows to be worn with jeans as well as smarter looking garments, making it a very versatile jacket. The Top Scoring Jacket for Warmth The 3 –in- 1 Jacket scored top scores for warmth. But it is also a very versatile jacket as you can use the body warmer section on cooler summer evening and the full 3-in-1 for cold winter days. Clients who have used these jackets Callaho, WBHO and Central Developments. Although there are many jackets in our winter range, these top selling jackets are the ones that we have evaluated as every one in the panel has had exposure to these particular jackets. Top Winter Jackets Individual Evaluations Men and Ladies All Weather Jackets There are our favorite jackets for convenience. These jackets are constructed from windproof and water resistant rip-stop nylon. We find that they are great for convenience. They come in a loose zipper pouch for convenient storage. They are very convienient to have in the boot of your car and even if you have a large handbag, for when there are those unexpected winter rains. Winter jacket Versatility: 4/10 Winter Jacket Warmth: 3/10 Winter jacket Style: 5/10 Winter Jacket Convenience: 9/10 Winter Jacket Comfort: 4/10 Average: 5/10 Colours Available: Black; Lime; Navy; Red; Stone The All Weather Jacket ranged the highest out of convenience, because it is light weigh, easy to carry and store, and there just when you need it. Clients who have used this jacket are Stefanutti. Ladies and Men’s Urban Jackets This is our seasons’ top selling winter jacket. It is a light weight soft-shell jacket featuring a full zip front with inner storm flap. It has an adjustable cuff to give it a snugger fit for those cold days. We find this jacket quite versatile. It is also great that it comes in a ladies and gent’s matching styles. Winter jacket Versatility: 5/10 Winter Jacket Warmth: 5/10 Winter jacket Style: 6/10 Winter jacket Convenience: 8/10 Winter Jacket Comfort: 7/10 Average: 6/10 Colours Available: Black, Navy, Red, Royal This jacket ranked high in convenience as it has a zip off hood, but the jacket is still stylish and comfortable. Clients who have used this winter jacket are Maersk Line and Central Developments. Men’s and Ladies Exec Jacket This is my personal favorite winter jacket. This jacket is a light weight lined jacket with high end finishes. It gives great warmth, but is an up market and styling jacket. I love the belted look for the woman’s winter jacket. Winter jacket Versatility: 7/10 Winter Jacket Warmth: 8/10 Winter jacket Style: 9/10 Winter jacket Convenience: 6/10 Winter Jacket Comfort: 7/10 Average: 8/10 Colours Available: Black; Khaki; Navy This winter jacket scored high on style as well as warmth. The ladies in our panel liked the fact that it could be worn with corporate wear as well as jeans. Men’s and Ladies Studio Jacket This is a great winter jacket for warmth. It is a contemporary quilted medium weight padded jacket. I love the padded look for winter. Winter jacket Versatility: 4/10 Winter Jacket Warmth: 8/10 Winter jacket Style: 6/10 Winter jacket Convenience: 5/10 Winter Jacket Comfort: 6/10/13 Average: 6/10 Colours Available: Black, Navy, White Men’s and Ladies 3 – in – 1 Jacket This is a top selling winter jacket. It is top end winter garment featuring removable fleece inner jacket. Outer jacket features concealed zip off hood with nylon Airtex lining, zippered storm flap, welted out pockets, inner pockets, shock cord with toggles and superior chunky nylon zippers. Winter jacket Versatility: 7/10 Winter Jacket Warmth: 9/10 Winter jacket Style: 7/10 Winter jacket Convenience: 5/10 Winter Jacket Comfort: 7/10 Average: 7/10 Colours Available: Black/Silver, Navy/Silver, Sky/Navy, Slate/Red

Eco Diaries Information

With so much focus now on eco friendly products, it is comforting to know that you can now choose eco diaries. Every year masses of diaries are printed world wide and after the year is over, these diaries are discarded. Eco diaries make a wonderful corporate gift for the environmentally conscious corporate gift buyer. Why Choose Eco Diaries Recycled cover boards. The front and back boards used to manufacture the diaries are recycled. Daily environmental tips. Daily tips help keep you focused on small things that you can do that over time make a big difference. Sappi Triple Green Paper. Sappi Triple Green papers chlorine free made from sugar cane fiber and is biodegradable. Environmental Information This is a great way to improve knowledge about caring for our environment. Sizes of Eco Diaries A4 Eco Diary: 210 x 260 mm A5 Eco Diary: 148 x 210 mm Slimline Eco Diary: 80 x 144 mm   Eco Diary Cover Fabrics Bonded Leather: Bonded leather is a high grade recycled product. Fiscagomma Winner: Synthetic leather manufactured to the highest quality standards. Fiscagomma Aurora: A certified biodegradable material used in the manufacture of diary covers. It is certified by the Italian pulp and research institute. Miradur La Scala: A high quality diary covering that is very durable and easy to keep clean. Printed Book Covers: This is a customised full colour printed cover. This option is only available for hard covers. Eco Diary Finishes The covers of the diaries come in the following finishes: Plain: Single colour. There are standard covers and executive colours. Contact your sales consultant for an up to date listing of the range of colours. 2 Panels: Contact your sales consultant for an up to date listing of the range of colours. S Curve Finishes: Contact your sales consultant for an up to date listing of the range of colours. Diary Customization Pages End Papers: End papers are inserted in the front and back of your diary. Also called and open and closing spread, so you will find them attached to the actual inside cover and as the first and last page of the diary. These are used to insert your company information. Tip in Pages: These are pages that are inserted into the front of the notebook. You can pages of your own design with your company information on these. Wraps: These are pages that are inserted between the sewn book sections.   Diary Cover Branding Terminology Laser embossing: This is basically laser engraving, where your logo is engraved onto the cover. The colour of the branding will be the colour of the material under the diary cover material. You can not choose what this colour will be. Embossing: This is when a metal block with the impression of your logo, then the impression is pressed into the cover of your diary creating a sunken in impression of your logo. The colour will be the same colour of the cover of the diary cover. Foiling: After a sunken impression of your logo is made on your diary cover, the sunken impression is filled with gold or silver foil. Printing: Inks are used to apply your logo to the cover of your diary. You can get to choose the colours of your print. This option is seldom used on diaries as the surface area of the diary is often textured, so it will only be suitable on smooth diaries. Doming: A logo is digitally printed onto a piece of vinyl, and then a drop of resin is placed onto the vinyl, which creates a raised transparent covering over the logo. The dome sticker is then stuck to the diary cover. You can get a full colour logo that is cost effective. However sometimes clients are tempted to pick at the decal and if they manage to get it off the diary cover will be ruined.   Diary Accessories Coloured Ribbon (Min 500) Branded Ribbon (Min 1000) Ribbon branded with your logo. Pen loop/Holder: Only available for hard cover A4 and A5 diaries Back Pocket: Only available in the Eco Lifestyle Diary and the Eco Journal Diary

Friday, June 7, 2013

Top Ten Corporate Gifts

Have you ever wondered what everyone else is buying for corporate gifts. But it is hard to decide what to buy. Corporate gifts remain an excellent relationship building tool. Here are some of our top sellers. Here are our top ten gifts by sales Top Selling Corporate Gift 1: Stainless Steel Flasks Top Selling Corporate Gift 2: Moleskines Top Selling Corporate Gift 3: Rubberised pen Top Selling Corporate Gift 4: Knitted South African scarves Top Selling Corporate Gift 5: Urban Jacket Top Selling Corporate Gift 6:8 Gig USBs Top Selling Corporate Gift 7: Coffee Mugs Top Selling Corporate Gift 8: 150 g T-shirts Top Selling Corporate Gift 9: Glass Clocks Top Selling Corporate Gift 10: Leather Lugguage Tags Here is our teams top ten corporate gifts. Top Corporate Gift 1: Business Card Holder with flip top Top Corporate Gift 2: Triton Water Bottle with rubber grip. Top Corporate Gift 3: Corporate : Jotter note book with pen. Top Corporate Gift 4: Notebook with calculator. Corporate Gift 5: Indestrucktible sports bags Corporate Gift 6: Laptop Leather Bag Corporate Gift 7:USB Coffee Warmer Corporate Gift 8: Charm Key ring Corporate Gift 9: Tribal stripe drop handle folder Corporate Gift 10: Out of Africa Duffel Bag

Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Choose to a Diary for 2014

You can't beat the tactile nature of a diary. There is something immensely reassuring about writing things down. Diaries are of those corporate gifts that almost create a dependency on your firm. Recently I was at the offices of one of our support companies and they were complaining that their regular courier had not yet sent them their calendars and diaries. Once this dependency is created it also builds brand loyalty, something that can never be undervalued. Choosing your size of your 2014 Diary Before we get to the design and price, you need to think about how the diary will be used. A popular general use 2014 diary is the A5 diary. It is compact enough to fit into most bags and has all the relevant public holidays and information that you expect from a diary. However if you need a lot of writing space then the A4 diary is a better choice. This is an item that I would recommend for sales people. A slim line diary is a great small woman’s gift, for women on the go. It is also a terrific 2014 diary option for moms, who need to write down the dates and times of extra mural activities. Choosing the Format of your 2014 Diary Once you have the right size in mind, you need think about how you are going to use your diary. A page a day will give you enough space for writing down appointments. The slim-line 2014 diary will give you a handy week to view option and is small and compact. The moleksine 2014 diaries give you a daily, weekly and monthly option. Choosing the Style of your 2014 Diary Are your clients corporate, academic or are they looking for a personal diary. Whatever style of 2014 dairy you are looking for; we are able to assist with a wide variety of 2014 diaries. Special needs for your 2014 Diaries Do you need to market your products? For example pharmaceutical companies may want to add product information into their diaries. Then you would choose tip in pages for your diaries. Do you want to show case designs? A full customised diary with laminated cover may be well suited to advertising or communications companies where they want to showcase their design abilities on the front cover. Do you want a prestige look? Then genuine leather Filofax may be the option for you, as it also has longevity in that only the inserts need to be replaced, but the cover lasts for years and years. Is the environment important to you? Then choose our Eco diaries printed on Sappi Triple Green paper. Triple Green Paper is made from sugar cane fibre and is chlorine free. Lead time for your Diary If you have planned ahead, then you can go with a custom diary which will take a good few weeks to manufacture. However if you have left your order until the last minute then you will have to choose a stock option which you can have debossed with your logo. By November of any month almost all the corporate diaries are sold out, so it is always best to plan ahead for your 2014 diaries. Costs Now that you've managed to narrow down your choices of diaries, you have a number of choices of diaries to choose from. Things that will influence costs would be quantity, type of branding, tip in pages and if the diary is fully customised. Happy shopping!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My favourite Off the Shelf Corporate Uniform Items

I have a confession, before I came across this great new range , I was not a big fan of off the shelf uniforms, as I often find the kinds of wash and wear fabrics available to have a bit of a plastic feel to them. So while they look nice on the catalogues pages, the actual fabric does not make me feel feminine. But recently I have come across a wonderful corporate uniform range that is manufactured from a blend of polyester, viscose and spandex. Polyester is synonymous with corporate clothing as it is easily dyed and is crease resistant, but is the fabric that is responsible for that plastic look and feel. However the addition of the viscose and spandex is what makes this a wonderful fabric blend for corporate uniforms. The viscose adds a definite softness to the fabric that has often been missing from corporate uniforms and the spandex adds flexibility to the fabric. Budget Custom manufactured items are often expensive and if your firm has staff turnover it is good to know that there are affordable alternative to custom manufactured corporate uniforms. Off the shelf items are often more cost effective dues to the mass manufacturing of corporate uniforms. It does mean that the garment is not cut to specifically fit the employee. However you can consider sending the garment to a tailor to tweak it a bit. For many years I did that when I bought items from retain stores and just a small investment makes the item look like it was made for you at a fraction of custom manufacturing. Lead time My bank opened up a new branch last year and now in May of this year they are still waiting for their custom manufactured uniforms. While that is an extreme situation, custom manufacturing does take a long time whereas off the shelf corporate clothing, means that you can respond quickly to changing staff needs. My personal Favourites I believe that you should walk the talk, so I invested in a few items for myself and our staff so that I could a first-hand feels of the garments. Here are a few of my personal favourites from our off the shelf range. Ariel Shirt Dress This dress is my all-time favourite dress from our corporate clothing range. I love the sleeveless look, because in summer I can wear it just the way that it is and in winter I add a polar-neck to it for warmth and versatility. The self-fabric tie around give an extra feminine detail that separates it from standard shirt dresses and the back slit allows for extra mobility. It makes refreshing corporate uniform range. Before my staff even knew that I had chosen a dress from the off the shelf corporate uniform range I got compliments on this dress. Even my husband who used to train ramp models likes it, so this is a definite winner for me. Candice Pencil Skirt I love this pencil skirt because of the front slit. The reason that I love this design is so often I have to pick up something off the floor and pick up my baby daughter and the slit allows for extra mobility. While the standard pencil skirt in the range is very attractive and works extremely well for careers where you are seated through most of the day, the Candice pencil skirt is well suited when you have to be mobile. The skirt comes in a classical black and navy option, which will compliment any lady’s wardrobe and is a wonderful corporate clothing item. Cosmo Pants This flattering trouser comes with a belt loop and a fashionable mock front pocket detail on the waistband. I like the belt loops as it make the garment look more fashionable and less like a corporate clothing option. These feminine trousers come in a choice of black, mocha and marine, which are great classical basic colours to match any lady’s closet. Fiona Waistcoat This funky little waistcoat is a flattering yet cheeky addition to the range. I loved the tailored construction and the front mock pockets. It complements the skirt and trouser ranges in our corporate clothing range. Jeans For companies who have a casual day the jeans is a great addition to a corporate clothing range. I have a pair of the black and the blue jeans. While some people may think that maybe everyone should just wear their own jeans, I find that getting corporate jeans has many advantages. I sometimes visit companies on a Friday and see a very wide range of jeans, someone them so casual or worn that the staff look like they are on holiday and not at work at all. Research has shown that being overly casual does have an impact on productivity and also on levels of respect shown to bosses and fellow employees. I have added this corporate clothing item to our staff’s clothing items. Belt No look is truly complete without the right accessories. My favourite off the shelf corporate uniform accessory is ladies corporate belt. Made of PU in a nice flattering think design, it has a buckle that very fashionable. I just love the finish that it gives to a corporate uniform. So if you want a good balance of corporate, fashionability, budget and lead time have a look at our off the shelf corporate uniforms. Regards KIM VERMAAK