Friday, June 4, 2010

I Love the Winter Jacket

I can not claim to be a winter person. But sadly as my business is not yet a multi-national, I have to keep regular seasonal patterns along with my collegues, freinds and family.
So while I am trapped in winter, I have to find things to be thankful for and one of thise is definately the winter jacket. Thankfully there are a lot more fashionable items in the corporate clothing and promotional clothing ranges of of winter jackets. Even ladies have now been recognised when it comes to corporate clothing with more and more ranges including both a ladies and gents version of the winter jacket.
Lately I have been eyeing out ladies belted jacket. The one that I have in mind (see image above), has lovely top stitching detail and is a fully padded jacket. Oh what a joy to be snug, warm and stylish as well.
Winter jackets are very well received as corporate gifts. The trick is to start planning in advance and to keep a database of the sizes of your best clients. That way you can reuse it for golf days, soccer viewing get-togethers, and other corporate events. Keep in contact with your client's PA who can discreetly tell you if too much winter comfort food has been on the boss's desk and that they may have to upsize.
Always order and few additional sizes so that if your client does not fit their winter jacket, that you can easily swap the jacket out with your winter jacket stock without too much fuss or embassment.
If you are using winter jackets as a branding tool, then put your logo on big and bold. But if you are relationship building, then you may want to keep your logo on your winter jackets small and discreet.