Thursday, July 23, 2009

Plan Ahead for Spring Corporate Gifts and Clothing

I have just declared that toe socks are probably the greatest invention of the modern world. This comes in light that I have not been able to feel my toes for a great portion of the day. More than halfway through winter I decided the drag my toes socks out. But I realized that I am not alone in the this delayed reaction to the cold. In the last two months we have delivered tracksuits; fleece jackets; fleece tops and long sleeve shirts.
The last batch of long sleeve lounge shirts were delivered on Monday. That gives the wearers about two and a half month before they start sweating in those shirts. In order to get the best use out of your promotional clothing, you should plan ahead so that the clothing has arrived before the warmer weather arrives.
That goes for spring day gifts as well. Plan ahead. Do a staff or client head count now and order your spring day gifts ahead of time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Plan Ahead for Valentine’s Day

The first big event of the year is Valentine’s Day. Every year masses of people make panicked Valentine’s Day gift decisions. When companies are handing out gifts to all there staff then they often require very large quantities which are often not available as stock items. For your Valentine’s Day gifts you should plan at least 8 weeks in advance. For very large quantities of over 5000 units often a special manufacturing run is required and these manufacturing runs have to be pre-booked. At Belle Regalo we often have to turn away clients for Valentine’s Day Gifts as they have not planned well enough in advance.