Thursday, September 26, 2013

2014 Calendars and Diaries

Can you believe that we are stepping into October? Every year thousands of diaries and desk calendars go out to clients and every year people tend to leave their calendars and diaries until the last minute. Don’t let this happen to you. Plan in advance for 2014 diaries and calendars. But also allow you creativity to flow. There may be some people who have sent out diaries ahead of you, so how do you get your 2014 calendars stand out from the rest. One way is by choosing beautiful designs. Our wildlife art calendar for 2014 is presented in a double wire format again, to allow your clients the pleasure of framing the full-size artwork pages after the calendar has run its course and to give them the opportunity to linger on a favoured image for longer. Another excellent way is to put your calendar onto something else that is useful. For example our memo strip memo sets that have calendar strips in them.
Or why not try a foam mouse pad. Foam mouse pads are inexpensive and very useful. Or turn a corporate gift favorite, the branded coffee mug into a calendar.
We love the 4 in one cd stand, with calendar and notelets and a place for a pen. Upgrade your CD calendar order to this unique set-up containing:
• Your choice of CD calendar from the 3 standard themes • Note paper • Business card holder at the back • Pen holder Secure a standing spot on clients’ desks and simply order refills for future years. Other traditional calendar ideas include: Desk calendars; Wall calendars; Diaries; Fold-up triangle calendars; Brochure calendars; Promotional calendars So start capitalizing on a huge marketing opportunity for your brand with calendars and diaries this year. Happy shopping! For more information visit us on or e-mail us on

Monday, September 23, 2013

Not just another braai gift

Last week I went to visit a former business partner and the encounter sent me back to my studying years. Our lecturer was giving away a well published marketing book for anyone who could remember the ways to improve product sales. But sheer luck I just happened to remember them that day. One of the methods was to find other uses for the same product. Which brings me back to my encounter with my former partner? I had taken him a copy of our latest corporate gifting catalogue, along with a sample of my current favourite corporate gift, the LED braai light. The LED braai light is a great corporate gift for national braai day, but also is a prefect gent’s gift as a corporate gift. These corporate gifting categories are fairly obvious to me. However this gent is currently studying and when I demoed the gift and showed him how the clamp works, he said “Although I have been to a lot of braais, I almost never braai myself, but I do complete my assignments outside on my balcony and the light does not quite reach the keyboard. I don’t like to keep the main light on as I often study after hours and don’t want to disturb the neighbours. This light can allow me to clamp it to my desk and help me with my assignments.” I was amazed. That particular application never occurred to me. I then realised that this LED light could be used as a number of corporate gift applications. It can be used as a camping light, or an emergency light that can be left in your car. I remembered that recently my husband was doing a repair on the car at night and because of bad visibility, I had to stand outside holding a lamp for him and this light would have been ideal. That is the great thing about sharing ideas that you get to learn from each other. Not just about applications for corporate gifts, but how to share experiences to make life better. So when you are thinking of corporate gifts, try to think out of the box. The LED braai light could well be your saving grace when there are power failures, when you are camping or yes, even when you are braaiing. For more information on the LED Braai light and on other corporate gifts visit us on or e-mail us on

Monday, September 16, 2013

Corporate Gifts

Have you searched and searched for unique corporate gifts, corporate clothing, year end gifts or just small desk drop gifts to entice your audience. Belle Regalo are specialists in this field and over 12 years of experience in the corporate gifting industry. Although we are based in Jhannesburg, we are able to source these corporate gifts or promotional gifts in all major regions i.e. Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, and can easily through have them delivered to you via your courier of choice. Whether you are looking for unique office gifts, conference gifts, executive gifts or fun novelty desk drops we are able to offer a full service of sourcing the gifts, branding them with your company logo, packaging them if necessary with swing tags, gift tags. Belle Regalo offers a gift wrapping service during year end to assist you with speeding up the process of distributing Christmas Gifts to your clients and staff. Corporate Gifts are great incentives for employees and can be used for a number of reasons, from a theme for year end functions event, showing appreciation for work well done, or generating excitement and anticipation for a new product or service launch. Branded corporate gifts are a teriffic way to advertise your company and create brand awareness in the market place. We have a great many categories of Corporate Gifts. Contact us on or

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

National Braai Day Gifts - Cooler Bag Specials

We are looking so forward to National braai day. A time to get together with friends and celebrate life and especially the warmer weather. For Heritage Day we have some great cooler bags specials. Here are some GREAT cooler bag specials for National Braai Day range. Double Up Cooler Bag
DUC01 (Contents Not Included) 27cm (h) x 22cm (w) x 30cm (l) Colours available: green / gold, navy / red, navy / sky, royal / black, yellow / black Was R 83.93 excl VAT Now R 77.93 excl VAT Over 500 in stock (05 September 2013) Blue Cooler Bag with Beige Trim
(35x23x30cm) E22711010 (Contents not included) Was R 128.37 excl VAT Now R 102.70 excl VAT Over 400 in stock (04 September 07H00) Cooler bag green stripe
E22711011 (35x23x30cm) Contents Not Included Was R 128.37 excl VAT Now R 102.70 excl VAT Over 400 in stock (05 September 07H00) Big Game Cooler
• Easy Access Top Hook And Loop Opening • 24L Capacity • Carry Handles On Cooler • Folding Steel Stand • Zippered Closure • 210D Carrying/Storage Case With Handle • Drawstring Closure • Durable 600D Exterior Contents Not Included. Was R 238.00 excl VAT Now R 231.00 excl VAT Red over 600 in stock – 05 September 07H00 Black over 2000 in stock – 05 September 07H00 Happy shopping! Editor: Kim Vermaak For more National Braai Day ideas visit or e-mail us on

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Better Planning for 2014 Diaries Producces Happier Clients

A surprisingly large number of clients leave the ordering on their diaries until the last minute. To create the best impression you need to order your 2014 diaries anything from August. We find that after October stock starts to diminish as does your chances of making an impact with your 2014 diaries early. We have found so many companies who complain if there corporate diaries sent by suppliers are late or in some cases absent because of lack of planning. Clients are often anxious if there do not get their annual diaries early and begin to wonder if they will be getting them at all. So planning early for diaries is a way to show you client that you appreciate them as you have planned this corporate gift with them in mind. Diaries are one those corporate gifts that make a huge impact on your company’s image. Your 2014 diary will be used over the entire year, so your cost per impression will be very low. 2014 Diaries can be branded with your corporate logo by Debossing, foiling or printing. Tip in pages are also a great branding option for 2014 diaries. For more information on 2014 diaries or there corporate gifts click on or e-mail us at