Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What are my Favorite End of the Year Corporate Gifts

If I consider the gifts that I have received before there are some corporate gifts which are a firm favorite for me.

I never tire of cooler bags as corporate gifts. They tend to reach an expiry date within a few years, so we have all sorts. When we go to our Weekend seminars I pack a small cooler lunch bag for each of our delegates. So I love to have them in different colours so that no one accidently takes my biltong or chocolate.

When driving to my parents in Port Elizabeth I used to pack one big cooler bag with snacks etc. But then reaching back between sleeping kids does not work, so now there is one for my husband and I and one for the kids. There is less digging for things and the children have more control of their own cooler bag.
But this year I saw the car travel cooler/warmer and I am in love. Less stopping for cool drinks, everything stays at the temperature. I really like that idea for end of the year corporate gifts.

Last year one of our clients ordered beaded wine glasses. I added a few of them for myself. They are a nice fun idea and perfect for the summer braais around the house with friends.

Outdoor chairs may seem like a cliché. But outdoor chairs do not last forever. We had a some great study ones, but with repeated use we needed to get new ones. If someone were to give a picnic set it would need to have a minimum of 4 place settings. I am not in the mood to carry a number of picnic sets because there are not enough plates etc for my family. Currently our holidays are for four. My husband and I ammend the two children. Now we are going to have to upgrade as there will be five of us.

Of course for me personally spa gifts are always a great idea. I like ones with pretty neutral colours so that they can fit into any bathroom.

Bath towels never go to waste, but if they must be branded then choose a colour on colour logo, so that they are more likely to be used. Knee blankets are also a really great idea. Particularly if you have a number of friends round for a Braai and the evening starts to take on a chill and no one else wants to go inside then the guests feeling the cold will welcome something to take the edge of the chill. This is a great corporate gift.

If you are going to do coffee mugs, add a bit of festivity and add some chocolate or nougat to them. If it is nougat, don’t expect to last long in our family, so you would have to send a bumper pack with mine.

Those are just some of my favorite gifts, but there are so many more that you can choose from, so visit our site www.belleregalo.co.za to view some more ideas.