Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentines Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is that romantic ritual that comes every year like an anniversary or birthday. But unlike an anniversary or a birthday that is unique to that some one special in your life and your remembering it could severely jeopardize you reputation, Valentine’s Day has a vast number of reminders. Months before Valentine’s Day there are countless retail reminders. Stores start bringing out their Valentine’s Day offerings in January. Stationary stores start bringing out their Valentine's Day Cards and Valentine’s Day gift wrap out in January as well. Restaurants start advertising their Valentine’s Day dinners and lunches well in advance. Hotels start sending their regular clients Valentine’s Day specials in advance as well. So in short you really have no excuse to not plan for Valentine’s Day. In fact Valentine’s Day is a test of personal organizational skills and relationship building skills. The reason that loved ones get annoyed about not getting Valentine’s Day gifts is because lack of planning shows that the relationship is not valued. In business we are taught that relationships have tremendous long term value. This is one of the reasons that we send out corporate gifts or even corporate Valentine’s Day gifts. Whether you are in sales or not customers are at the end of the day the ones day creates salaries. So when you buy your groceries and pay your children’s school fees or buy your loved one a Valentine’s day gift, it is because of the money that you have earned from customer’s spend. Essentially our hours are spent in two key areas, at work and at home. We all value or should value our careers and they provide lifestyle, but we should also value our loved ones as these are key relationships in life. Yet too many people will spend hours working on maintaining relationships with clients and then spend the rest of their time maintaining relationships with the television, contents of the fridge and their pillows while their loved ones get the dregs. So this year instead of bemoaning how commercial Valentine’s Day is, rather be thankful that you have their early reminder s that people matter and not just because they create your salary, but because many of the things that you take for granted would not be there without them. So thanks Valentine’s Day for reminding me that who I am has a lot to do with the people who have invested in my life and how much I invest in their lives. Thank you for the opportunity that Valentine’s Day. brings. For ideas about Valnetine's Day contact us on info@belleregalo.co.za, visit us on www.belleregalo.co.za or call us on 0829487461.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Corporate Gift Pens

For great corporate gift pens and executive pens we have a range of stunning pen brands to choose from; Parker Pens South Africa, Cross Pens, Waterman pens, Stylus pens, metal pens, logo pens. Up-market pens make really useful corporate gifts. Pens are a welcome corporate gift at any time of the year, but particular at the beginning of the year or the end of the year, but pens make the best conference gifts. For more corporate pens ideas please visit us on www.belleregalo.co.za or e-mail us on info@belleregalo.co.za

Start of the Year Corporate Gifts

Having just come out of the Christmas season, I must admit, I love Christmas. I love giving and getting gifts and I love the spirit of generosity that passes over all over the Christmas season. But when everyone gets back to work the sinking feeing of post purchase dissonance sets in with many. That feeling that maybe you should not have spent so much. It is at these times that a little perk me up gift for staff or clients is most welcome. A time that a small corporate gift can lift the mood. Little welcome back to the office corporate gifts or desk based corporate gifts and brighten someone’s day. Other ideas include coffee mugs filled with nougat or bags of jelly beans or even a cookie coffee mug. As it is the begining og the year and people are planning strategies pens are a excellent corporate gifts. You can do cheap pens or parker pens, watermann pens, cross pens or polo pens. Any up-market pen is an excellent corporate gift at the beginning of the year. This is also a good time of the year to start planning for Valentine’s Day corporate gifts. We have a great range of gifts on http://belleregalo.bcgshop.co.za/ For new gifting ideas visit us on www.belleregalo.co.za or e-mail us on info@belleregalo.co.za

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

African Nations Cup

The awarding of the prestigious African Nations Cup to South Africa to be played between January and February 2013 will be a great opportunity to recapture some of the magic of 2010. Of course it will be a smaller tournament but you can be sure that there will be a great demand for our world famous vuvuzelas. We all know what a great success these were in 2010 so make sure that you capture your share of an expectant big market. We are pleased to offer a range of three sizes in the standard flag colours. Special colours can be made but the minimum order will be 2000 units. Large Vuvuzela = 62cm – From R 16.10 per unit excl VAT and branding Medium Vuvuzela= 32 cm – From 9.80 per unit excl VAT and branding Babyzela = 8 cm – From R 4.48 per unit excl VAT and branding