Saturday, February 25, 2017

High End Gift Focus: Trolley Bags

This week, I graduated to full time mobile office executive. A wonderful side effect of that, that ladies may appreciate, I that I got slimmer due to the extra mobility. Seriously though, we have had so many client and supplier appointments that my colleague and I have been on the road almost the entire week. Just yesterday, I started in Kyalami, then went to the branding factory in Wynberg to get am embroidery swatch, then to a warehouse in Modderfontein to collect an emergency order, then to a client in Bryanston to drop of some 4 in 1 jackets, then to a client in Pankhurst to get a sign off of a sample, then back to Bryanston, then back to Modderfontein and then back to Bryanston again. All in one day. My favourite corporate gift as a mobile office executive has always been a laptop handbag. It is a stylish gift, that compliments the executive suit bearing business woman, but there are times where only a trolley bag will do.
This month, I changed over to the trolley bag. One of the reasons is that we are busy with auditors and I get regular questions about expenses and transactions that I can’t even remember. So I am currently carrying a laptop, a tablet, a charger, one year’s worth of bank statements for two bank accounts, a number of invoices and a couple copies of our new clothing catalogue. As I am not married to chiropractor or a physiotherapist, for this season I have to use a trolley bag or face certain agony at the end of the day. My personal choice is the Europa Laptop Trolley Bag.
Trolley bags are a higher end gift, but an extremely well received gift that has a long life, so your brand gets a boost at the same time. The wheel mechanism automatically increases the cost of any bag in comparison to a laptop back pack. So if cost is a factor for you, then opt for a back pack. However I have found that gents are more likely to use a back pack than ladies. So it would be wise to segment your market and give the back pack to gents and a ladies laptop handbag to your female clients. However, the trolley bag is a unisex upmarket gift, so well received by both ladies and gents. Trolley bags come in a range of fabrics. From nylon bags all the way through to genuine leather. I personally use the Europa Laptop Trolley Bag. It has a nice smooth mechanism and at a size of 51cm x 58cm x 26.5cm can hold quite a lot. The two front pockets are ideal as I can put smaller items, size as a dongle, lip ice, my keys and change in without having to empty the whole bag to find something small. For the AU Summit last year, we supplied the Checked executive Rolling Back Pack. It worked well with the earthy colours of the Summit’s logo and complimented the bamboo usb and pens that the delegates received. While the dimensions 45cm x 31cm x 15cm is smaller than the one that I use, it is ideal for a conference or everyday use where you do not have a lot to carry.
Of course if you are trying to impress that top client. Nothing beats the genuine leather items. You can expect to pay from about R 3 500.00 excl VAT per genuine leather laptop trolley bags and even more for certain brands. There is a lot of debate going on in the market about what constitutes genuine leather, so I would encourage you to do some research and use the tried and tested method that if the price seems to be too good to be true, then it probably is not the “real deal”. Trolley bags can be used for: Attorneys Conferences Medical reps Sales executives Summits Universities where the text books are massive For more information on other high end promotional items contact us on or 082 948 7461 or visit us on

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